How to cope with depression on their own: the most effective ways

One of the most feared diseases of modern man is depression.It leads to such consequences as the lack of power, poor health, reduced working capacity.However, it can cope with almost everyone.

signs of depression

Before deciding on how to cope with depression by yourself, you must know the basic symptoms of this condition.These include the unwillingness to communicate with loved ones.No incentive to do anything and work.People who are depressed, no longer look after themselves, to get out in my house, and even change clothes.All of this is because the meaning of life disappears.

Methods of dealing with depression: the first step

Before you understand how to cope with depression by yourself, you need to gain strength and to admit to himself that the phenomena that occur with a person associated primarily not with the usual laziness and bad moodand with a sufficiently serious disease.Perhaps this can help in this way: a man stands before a mirror and absolutely consciously says, "Yes, I have depression."

Step Two

determine how to cope with depression by yourself, you need to write on a piece of the most irritating factors.Then, remove from the list those components that are not required to do during the next month.Above those items that are left, it is necessary to work very carefully.First, they should be written down on a separate piece of paper, previously divided into three columns.In the first column, write those factors that irritate.The second column is filled with positive moments that are associated with these factors.In the third column, it is necessary to write the data is negative points can be turned into a positive.

Step Three

determine how to cope with depression on their own, you must deal not only with the psychological side of the issue, but also physical.To do this, during the whole month to do physical exercise.Perform is those who most will like: walking, morning exercise, dance, yoga, massages and others.The most important condition is that you can not miss a day, and disciplined to carry out their entire month.They will help relieve fatigue and tension, energize.

Step Four

There are various ways to deal with depression.One of them - to establish for themselves a week's ban on anything harmful.Examples include sweet or fried foods, smoking and so on.

Step Five

Usually a person suffering from depression, limits itself to contacts.It should be every day to talk to friends or family.Of course, it can be done by telephone.However, experts recommend to meet, spend time with the people with whom you want.

Step Six

This item includes all kinds of techniques to accelerate their own way out of depression.Which one is right for you, decide for yourself.For example, light therapy.To do this you need to be in a well-lit rooms.The room in which a person spends more time should be well lit by sunlight and well ventilated.There are aromatherapy.Some smells a beneficial effect on our psyche.These include lavender, lily of the valley.Help cheer up the smell of ground coffee.Aromas of cinnamon and vanilla lift the mood.Do not forget the diary.You can start to lead it, but to write only the most pleasant events of the day.