What are the characters of people

Each person is unique.It has its own unique appearance, interests, education, predisposition to actions and character.Such features may be similar in different people, but full set of features never happen again.All this affects the human feelings that arise in his interaction with society.Understand themselves can help the psychology of human nature.

character - a unique set of stable personality traits reflecting the people's attitude to the world through their behavior and actions.

eminent German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard characters divides people into 12 types.Let us examine them in detail.

extroverted .People with this type of character sociable and open, have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are attentive listeners, but frivolous and voluble, prone to gossip.

introverted - the opposite of extroverts, feature is the isolation, desire for reflection, principled.

Emotive - a good man who can empathize, but inclined to hold a grudge inside and has a small circle of friends.

demonstrative type - people are polite, artistic, no problems interacting with others.However, there may be hypocritical, selfish, boastful, lazy, happy to receive power and praise.

exalted .This type of character has a very outgoing, unselfish and emotional person.The disadvantage lies in the tendency to hype and amorousness.

pedantic personality strictly adhere to all the rules, accurate and reliable conflict-free, but pushy and always dissatisfied with something.

Alarm type - people timid, unsociable, self-critical, with low self-esteem.Their positive traits are friendliness, diligence.

character of the people stuck type typical of moderately sociable, fair, ambitious and aspiring to leadership of individuals.Their drawback - tediousness, resentment, revenge and jealousy.

excitable - category unsociable, scandalous, zanudlivym, irritable and hot-tempered persons.The advantage of them is honesty, punctuality, love of children and pets.

Characters people with hyperthymic type optimistic, actively interact with others, sociable, have a lively facial expressions.Their flaw - lightheadedness, irritability, lack of responsibility, a tendency to conflict.

Personality distimnogo type - on the contrary, unsociable, friendly, serious and conscientious.By cons include passivity, pessimism, slowness of movement.

By cycloid include those with frequent changes of mood and modes of communication.

character of the people are closely related to their temperament (ie mental manifestation of the nervous system).It gives the person from birth.With a strong desire or under the influence of the world around the character of people is corrected, and it is practically impossible to change the temperament.In the best case, this will only be 20-25%.It is divided into four categories: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic.In pure form, they do not occur in one person.Normally all groups combined, but to varying degrees.