The value of the name of Peter and his influence on the character of the boy

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can justifiably claim that the name Peter invented by Jesus Christ.So he called his disciple Simon, son of Zebedee, brother of Andrew the First-Called Apostle.In the Gospel of Matthew (Matt. 16: 18-19), when the Messiah asked the apostles, whom they revere Him, but Simon is the answer: "You - the Son of the living God."For Christ and makes it stand out among the other disciples and said to him: "Blessed are you, Simon;and I tell you, you - Cephas, and upon this rock I will build His church, and hell not overcome it;and you will have the keys to the kingdom of heaven ... "."Cephas" in Hebrew means "stone" or "rock".When the writing of the Gospel passed in Koine, the then Greek Cephas translated as Peter.And later, Christians have become so call their newborn son - in honor of this most basic of all the twelve apostles.

Who is he - Peter?Value Name really depends on what it is in honor of a man called the boy.After all, for years the Christian world celebrates the saints several times, which was the name.In addition to the first of Peter - the same Apostle, whose day falls on July 12 and July 13 and January 29, there is still a Damascus (October 4) and Alexandria (November 25).Since the three patron saints had several different characters, it is reflected in the customs of their "wards".

But most parents who have decided to name their child Peter, handed it to his care the Apostle.What is this boy temper - what he showed himself what he will have both positive and negative character traits?And the answer to this question can be read in the Scriptures - the Gospel, as well as two letters written by the Apostle Peter personally.In these letters very clearly emerges the character of the author: a stubborn, short-tempered somewhat, inflexible.In this respect the value of the name Peter - «rock» - affects boys strive for 100%.Parents should give him a lot of attention.Especially they need to be firm, to pereupryamit inflexible Petya.

However, the namesake of the apostle is very gifted.From kindergarten, in school and on the bench of the university, he, as befits the first of the twelve apostles, in front of all.Because of pride and stubbornness (if stubborn child parents will be able to convert to a single-mindedness), Peter will succeed in all matters for which he undertakes.He has intelligence above the average propensity to analytical thinking, perseverance and an enviable passion for order.But the significance of the name of Peter can play a trick on him, as the Apostle was jealous - remember though, that he was jealous of John, the beloved disciple of the Lord (see. John 21: 20-22).This quality can be transmitted to the martyr and was named after him man.From Peter, we can conclude that the apostle did not differ special tolerance and patience, and this peccadillo as usual for his namesake.

But do not understand the meaning of the name Peter as "unassailable and stable as a rock."Remember, this is the same apostle who denied Christ three times before the cock crowed.For an imaginary Stone hiding soft, sensitive soul.Petya loves childhood care for all who need care.He cares about the homeless cats and dogs.A matured and married, it will be a wonderful loving father.The value of the name Peter impact on marital life.His wife will really feel "like a stone wall."For the Lord said to Peter: "Let your heart be hard to evil, like a stone, and the people - as soft as a sheep to his lamb."