Characteristics Scorpio female: Highlights

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Characteristics Scorpio female is very exciting.This is a controversial and emotional personality.She often hides under the mask of indifference a storm of emotions.She does not like to show their emotions and usually controls his emotions.Although it is often said what she thought, what causes negative emotions in others.It is insightful, self-critical and demanding on yourself.

Physical Characteristics Scorpio female is not complete without a description of her appearance.She is not very tall.Facial features give it a strong and courageous woman.She watches her figure.As a rule, visits the gym, so a tripping and a slender body.This woman is incredibly attractive.It felt inner strength.Her mesmerizing eyes, irresistible.She makes a strong impression.

Characteristics Scorpio female: character

This is a private person.Outsiders never know what's on her mind and what she was thinking.Share your experiences and thoughts it can only very close people.

Under the guise of well-being, it often hides strong emotions that in itself is going through.They sometimes do not give it a rest.It may arouse the consciousness of every detail, to which the other does not pay attention.She thinks only about what is important to her at the moment.It is not inclined to solve the long-term task, which you can think about later.

Characteristics Scorpio female suggests that in everyday life it is a wonderful person, helpful and friendly.This woman is always to listen to others and try to help.It does not tolerate treachery, evil and cruel people.It tries to solve all the issues peacefully.

Scorpio woman in love

in relationships with men, she tries to be objective and not allow emotions to overshadow reason.Since it is a responsible person, I try not to throw words to the wind, because he knows that the promises will have to perform.Scorpio woman need to be sure that she is loved.If, however, it struck an arrow of Cupid, it is immediately evident on her happy face.Married women Scorpions - loyal and devoted wife.They will go for her man on the edge of the world and happy to dwell in a tent.Once the child is able to change her attitude towards life.The husband does not have to wonder if coming from the hospital, it will require a house with all the amenities.


Happy marriage is possible with Scorpio, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn.Union female + male Scorpio Aries quite harmonious.I'm good in bed, but in everyday life sooner or later discord.Couple Taurus-Scorpio-man + woman can endlessly indulge passion.Rather, they can be called lovers than spouses.With Gemini Scorpions can arise from a great relationship, but the husband in this case will dominate.With Aquarius will develop intriguing and highly original relationship, the presence of strong feelings of a happy marriage is possible.Pisces admire women Scorpions.Between them may have strong feelings, but the complex nature of the scorpion can spoil everything.