Description, compatibility, value.

What is the name Albina?It is a strong and intelligent woman.She has a great knowledge in different areas of life.She loves to argue and often wins.Albina can be the first, and knows it.She was ready to discuss even topics unfamiliar to her, but not because of stupidity, but because of an irresistible craving for knowledge.She likes to solve puzzles and find answers to questions.She loves to be the leader, and if it can not achieve this, then depressed.


Albina name suggests almost masculine character and willpower.However, this causes some problems.Surrounded by unfamiliar people she did not immediately disclosed.Albina holding back his temper, namely the desire for leadership.But once she gets used to the society, the character will have an effect.She starts to argue, even when it is completely inappropriate.She fiercely defends his point of view, even if the surrounding is quite interesting.As a result, there are conflicts and quarrels.Such is its importance.Name Albina carries a huge amou

nt of energy as a positive and not quite.Albina often see those boundaries, to whom to stop.If the parents of a child will teach her restrain his temper, then perhaps they will be able to smooth out its aggression, which, undoubtedly, will only benefit.Here is his value.

name Albina is active and hardworking woman.She is afraid to be left without a livelihood.Therefore, its main goals in life are family and work.She does not like to sit in one place.Working in an office was not for her.She likes to be in mission and traveling.She feels well in new places, new people.In such circumstances, it is easier to restrain myself.

What is its value for men

name Albina gives temperamental woman.It's easy to disrupt, but just as quickly it settles down.Find the right man it is difficult, because it is constantly trying to put pressure on him.Such behavior is rarely someone likes, and as a result the relationship becomes cold, alienated and come to naught.

Albina easily offended.She is no stranger to feelings of envy.She loves to give out advice, even when it is requested to do so.Albina does not allow anyone to doubt that she was right.She is confident in his abilities and in his mind, not ordinary.She believes that luck is always on her side.

She is afraid that she will not be enough for something of money.Therefore, it is always active and can thus forget about everything.It is necessary to consider a man who chooses to associate with her life.Provide it with money and giving confidence in the future, he will find a good wife.Throughout his activity, it will send to the maintenance of order and comfort in the house.She was always watching them.Good physical shape, expensive clothes, hairstyle and manicure help her to be confident.Her children are well educated and neatly dressed.But most of all afraid of his mother.

Compatibility name Albina

more suited to her other Andrew, Igor and Alexander Gregory.With Basil, Ivan and Nicholas it is better not to have any relations.It can be carried away by Eugene or Peter.But this relationship will not last long.