What are the stones of Cancer (women) fit best?

Which stone suits cancers - women can be determined based on the fact that the zodiac sign relates to aqueous, but is in the middle of the hot season - summer.Therefore, the preferred mineral similar to water: greenish, bluish, transparent, calm and sunny, soft stones.Women - Cancers are sensitive subjects not prone to leadership, but they are mobile enough and try to achieve everything by the shortest route, as well as their element.They should not give minerals red, bright golden or black shades, t. To. They will suppress the quivering nature of Cancer.The exception is the black coral and black pearl, if the owner will feel in them harmoniously.

stones of Cancer (women) should have expressed feminine.They include beryl, pearl, jade, emerald, moonstone.Also suitable green chalcedony, serpentine or sapphire.To the lady has become more vigorous, it is possible to buy decorations, which include stone for Cancer, which, however, have a masculine (yang).These include uvarovite or blue beryl (aquamarine).

representatives of this zodiac sign is not necessary to wear red garnet jewelry, and should abandon obsidian and hematite bracelet.This is due to the fact that in hematite lies the destructive power of Mars and grenades enhances passion and increases the tension of the nervous system, which is not inherent in the nature of cancer.

Not quite favorable and are the following stones for cancer (women): ruby, jade, onyx, carnelian, quartz-hair-worm, yellow diamonds and red agate.They will give a person excess energy from the outside, and perhaps it will be suppressed.

As regards the form, the stones of Cancer (women) it is desirable to choose a smooth shape without edges.This zodiac sign prefers nebula blur, so no harm will no glitter.From metals to better focus on white gold, silver, copper, bronze.The latter may contribute to fertility and procreation.And for Rakow family - it's almost always the meaning of life.Yellow and pink gold, and iron on a horoscope are not suitable because of the intense energy and aggressiveness.It also makes sense to pay attention to the method of fixing stone decoration.Better if it will or closed, or "legs", t. To. Crawfish prefer to limited space.

The high sensitivity of this zodiac sign causes the stones to cancer (women) should be periodically "clean" them of accumulated energy and information.To do this, fit the following methods:

  • Cleaning salt.Stone buried in common salt for 3-4 hours, after which it is necessary to throw salt.
  • Cleaning brine in a crystal glass.Ornaments are left for a few hours.
  • Clean running water.The stone is placed in a linen bag and tied to the tap.Ideally, you want to wash in the spring.
  • Cleaning Sun Jewelry Cancer remains in question, t. To. Problem of excess energy.Therefore, this method should be used with caution.Stones are placed for a few days on the window sill.