Stone tourmaline.

stone tourmaline.Properties and features

This gem is considered one of the most beautiful stones.It was called "ruby Caesar."This is a complex silicate mineral group.Due compounds of magnesium, aluminum, manganese and boron, it has a large palette of colors and shades.Schorl - the ancient name of tourmaline.These emperors adorned his crown, embroidered clothing and used for inlay boxes, church crosses, cups and other similar attributes.In the Russian minerals were imported from the East and India in the 16th century and soon took root and grew fond.Especially popular red mineral, but no less beautiful and pink tourmaline with a lilac tint.Later, the stone began to mine in the Ural mountains.Then use became more widespread.That is not only because it was produced: rings, brooches, statuettes, snuff boxes, necklaces and more.In our time, big and transparent stones used in the manufacture of jewelry piece, and there is such beauty does not come cheap.

stone tourmaline.Photo.Varieties

This gem of different color.Red and pink variety called rubellite.A rich green tourmalines dubbed verdelitami.In color they resemble emeralds.The most interesting mineral - watermelon color having a red-green hue called "watermelon."Dark Blue - indicolite, like a sapphire.Transparent stone called ahroitom.Canary - Bright yellow.Drava - brown tourmaline.Cherry - Siberia, black - schorl.And the most rare and expensive (with neon blue shimmer) is called Paraiba.Gems can change color depending on the angle of refraction of light.

stone tourmaline.Properties gems in medicine

Medicinal properties of this handsome innumerable.Stone improves sleep, enhance immunity, improve the condition of the endocrine system.A schorl even able to positively influence the treatment of cancer, in addition, black mineral treats neurotic disorders.Green is also a calming effect on the nervous system.Pink and red tourmalines have a positive effect on the circulatory system, thereby improving the color and stimulirutsya metabolic processes in the body.It recommended wearing tourmaline at strengthening the potency and sexual function.

stone tourmaline.Properties

Red and pink tourmaline - a talisman to increase potency, natural aphrodisiac.It gives the owner of the attractiveness to the opposite sex, making it visible and sexy.It attracts love and mutual.Green helps to gain material benefits and, conversely, cool feeling, reduces the excessive activity.Red, green and watermelon tourmaline is the mascot for the creative people, bestow inspiration, develop and help to achieve recognition.Transparent approach to business success, and are considered the happiest colored gems.Blue representative shall be peace and wisdom.Schorl protects against black magic damage, the evil eye, poltergeist, strengthens the aura, it helps to reflect the energy attack or attack itself, in connection with which the stone has got a "bad" reputation.

stone tourmaline.Properties and horoscope gem

Green tourmaline Capricorns recommended for commitment and bring follow through.Cleans up their minds and concentrating, drawing attention to detail.Red capacity discloses mineral fire signs - Aries and Leo.Blue stone helps to succeed Sagittarius and Aquarius.Unbalanced Libra, seeking to rest, tourmaline brings harmony and purification of the mind.But Virgos astrologers advised not to wear the stone.Scorpios fits the black stone.