Dream Interpretation: what dreams ladder

In real life, people use the stairs as the lift to the top and to go down.I wonder what is dreamed of stairs?Is it a good sign or, on the contrary, prophesied the dangers and trials?To answer these questions, we suggest to ask for help to several well-known dream books.

What dream ladder : Gustavus Miller's dream book

According to this very famous dream book, which I saw in a dream a ladder symbolizes the upward movement: thanks to your energy and hard work you will be able to reach the career heights.If you dream that you pick up the ladder, then you will be of great prosperity and personal happiness.Falling down the stairs is a bad sign, symbolizing the decline in the affairs of the merchant or businessman and a bad year for farmers.Broken stairs is a sign of impending failure.If you dream of escaping from prison, during which use the stairs, then you will be successful, to achieve which will have to overcome many obstacles and trials.

What dream ladder : Freud's dream book

This dream book treats seen in her dream a ladder as a symbol of your life.If you dream you climb up the stairs, in real life, you should show more attention and vigilance in relation to the people around you.It is possible that you are now very popular with the opposite sex, whose interest is not always unselfish.But do not forget about the loyal friends who are always ready to share with you both success and failure.If at the top of the stairs you see a person of the opposite sex, the reality has long been know for who would like to have a closer relationship.But you're either afraid to admit it to a potential partner or is prevented to make any external circumstances.Falling down the stairs indicates disappointment in the future one of the people close to you.

What dream ladder : old French dream book

If you dream you climb up the ladder, then in reality you wait disappointments, failures in business and discouragement.If you go down the stairs, then it is likely that in the near future, you will discover the secret of success.Falling down the stairs is a bad sign, meaning future troubles.Broken stairs and does not bode well, and promises a complete failure of your efforts and deeds.

What dream ladder : dream book for lovers

This dream book argues that progress in sleep upstairs promises you great success with the opposite sex.If during the ascent you feel dizzy and breathtaking, you will behave quite moody and tend to dominate their partner.

Why dream of the ladder: esoteric dream book

According to the compilers of the dream book, a staircase in a dream is the personification of the human way of life.If you dream of a ladder by which you climb up, you will find in the life of prosperity and well-being.If, however, you go down lower and lower, then you face failure, financial losses and other troubles.If the ladder is circular in shape, your path will be quite difficult.