Dream Interpretation: what dreams goose

Typically, for most people the goose is associated with a delicious festive meal.But it happens that we see this large bird in a dream.Let's see what we can expect if the dream of a goose.For the interpretation of this dream, we resorted to the help of several of the most popular and reliable dream book.

What dreams goose : old French dream book

This dream book states that if in a dream you see geese, it offers a completely nonsensical and frivolous conversations and discussions.If you dream that you own a whole goose flock, in real life you will honor, respect and recognition from influential people.If you dream you heard goose cackle, then you will be successful in business and material well-being.If you cut a goose head, you will soon be able to find peace.

What dreams goose : Contemporary Dream Book

According to the interpretation of this source, goose cackle in a dream symbolizes coming disaster.A dead goose is a sign of frustration and loss.Eat goose food - to doubt.If you see walking on the grass or sailing on the river of geese, then soon you will succeed in business.If you dream you shall convene and feed the geese, they soon acquire any property.

What dreams goose : Dream book from A to Z

Seen in a dream symbolizes geese family well-being.If you hear the cackling goose in a dream, you will be able to reveal any secrets and dispel false rumors.If you had a whole flock of goose grazing on the grass, then you deserve a lot of respect.If the geese are swimming in your dream, then abandons it was certainly lucky you soon will return to you.If someone tries to catch the goose, then soon you or your close relative of a wedding.If you buy a goose in the near future you will be a great honor if they sell - then expect big costs and losses.Pluck the goose is a symbol of the coming of frustration, killed - of inheritance.If you dream of roast goose, then wait for the guests, but if you dream you are eating a bird, then you will be great, but the dubious good fortune that may in the future lead to big problems and troubles.

What dreams goose : Old English Dream Book

This dream book argues that such a dream is a very bad one for single men as his beloved in the end would be quite silly and inept wife.It will continue to quarrel with relatives and neighbors, condemning all others and irritating them gossip.So the young man, it is desirable to look again at their choice, and possibly look at his chosen anew.All the others dreamed geese promise small discord with someone from relatives or close friends.

What goose dream: Dreams for the whole family

This dream book states that if a woman had a goose, then in reality it can become a victim of gossip and backbiting.If the geese in the dream you are eating, it is expected the appearance detractors, who will make every effort to ensure that harm you.If you dream that you escape from the goose, then you will be bitterly disappointed in one of the people close to you.