How to obtain the birth certificate of the baby

Adding to the family always entails joyful efforts on arrangement of a new human life.Where he lives, how he will develop, sleep, eat, and other issues.But equally important is the question about the design of the new document citizen of our country.The first and most important document in the coming years will be for him a certificate of his birth.Most likely, the parents, taking the crumbs from the hospital already discussed and decided on the name of the baby.Then the next step is the design of its documents.How do I get a birth certificate, many parents already know.However, this is quite simple really, there are some nuances.

to obtain a birth certificate, contact the Registry Office, located in the place where the parents are registered.It should be borne in mind that the local Registry Office may issue a birth certificate.So do not expect a baby registration documents in the institution, in which the ceremony of marriage, if the marriage has been chosen the registrar relating to other areas.

Even knowing how to obtain a birth certificate, you should not leave for a long time without his newborn first document.After all, he may be required in the very near future - at registration of citizenship, residence and medical policy.In addition, the legislation provides for a maximum period of registration of the document length in one month.So how to get a birth certificate is simple enough, parents can lay hike to the registrar in the turmoil of the first weeks of baby's life in his new world.As a rule, employees will be given to parents Registry Office certificate on the same day.In addition, both parents present there is no need, therefore, more often to get the first document in the newborn comes fathers.

What documents are required for registration

At registration certificate in registry office is required to produce a small set of documents:

  • help the fact the child's birth, issued in the nursing home;
  • parents' passports (originals);
  • marriage certificate (if the parents are married);
  • statement (on a form the body registry office).

these documents will be enough to issue a birth certificate.

What counts are recorded in a document

First of all, on the birth certificate, finally acquire the official status of a child resulting name will be recorded his name and patronymic.On the basis of a certificate from the hospital, the document will be inscribed in the date of birth.Paternity is established and the fact of motherhood.

In respect of paternity, there are some details that will affect the scheme, how to get a birth certificate.For example, there are cases when the baby is born out of wedlock.In this case, knowing how to obtain a certificate, parents can rid yourself of empty attempts to register the baby.This will require the presence of both parents.Here, in the registry office, it will be made to establish paternity, consisting of the relevant act, which would be the rationale for filling the column "father" on the birth certificate.If the mother of the newborn, being unmarried, does not want to make the information about the father of the child, the document will be a dash, and the woman from this point will be a single mother.

In addition, on the same day together with a certificate will be issued a certificate of birth in the form №24, which will be required later, when you make a payment on the fact of the birth of the baby.The parents' passports will record the birth of a son or daughter who will continue until the child reaches the age of majority.