Serving in the Church

During the service, you need to carefully monitor its progress, cross and bow down along with all those present in the church.Before you light a candle or go to the icon, too, must cross.Entry and exit from the church and bow and cross themselves.Service in the church does not tolerate fuss.Without the need of it during the conduct of the service do not go, the women come with their heads covered and modestly dressed, if possible, without make-up, in the days of menstruation to the temple to go strictly prohibited, it is a great sin.

responsibility of the church in accordance with the charter of

There is a church rule, according to which the service is performed daily in monasteries, and should be carried out in the church.How long is the service in the church?First comes the morning service, followed by the Divine Liturgy.Evening service is about 6-7 pm.

certain time of day is not obligatory, but the service is in its purpose and content tied to a particular time of day, so the church adheres to conduct services in her allotted hours.The duration of the service is also not limited by any canons.There are centuries-old customs of the service, which is an average of from 1.5 to 3.2 hours.

service in the church are divided into subsistence, weekdays of, as well as the annual service.Daily service are in during the day, then repeated hinging thus in a circle.So it is with the weekdays of, with growth circles.Services do not have a specific ritual unchanged subsistence only daily service is the foundation of worship.

How is the service in the church

Daily services are held daily.In the days of fasting, the Great and others, committed not only to serve God, but also to hold services in the church to confession and communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.Large congregations, where the service is going to a large number of the faithful, can make two daily liturgy.Rural parishioners go to the service on Sundays and public holidays.

How are services in the church?It should be noted that services are not committed by one.For example, a service dedicated to the birth or baptism (that is, an event that takes place once a year) is not allocated to a separate ministry, and connected with the services of the daily cycle.The daily cycle includes the service and the annual Week.They are connected to a single service, which sound of prayer, readings and chants that are associated with the days of the year, and Week.

In the church there are church services 9 species: In the morning - the 9th hour, the evening service, Compline, then Midnight.Matins, followed by the hour: the first, third and sixth.In the evening, after the sixth hour - Divine Liturgy.The first hour is attached to the morning prayer, and the Divine Liturgy is a special service.All services to be carried out in the temple, usually seven.

All the prayers, except for the "Our Father", invented by people

history of Christianity knows only one prayer, is transmitted directly by Jesus Christ: "Our Father."Then the apostolic teachings gave recommendations for daily prayers.In the morning, in the third hour, the sixth, the ninth and evening.In the morning - in gratitude to the Lord for the third because Christ received the verdict.Sixth hour - this is the hour of the crucifixion and the ninth - hour of sorrow.Evening Prayer - thank God.As in ancient times, the apostles of Jesus Christ and glorify the most significant events related to his life and death, and today preserved the tradition of worship in the temple.

Each of these services should be in church every day and go on their own.But, yielding to the conditions of worldly life, the church holds morning and evening worship services twice a day, that is in the public churches do not adhere to strict compliance with the statute.In monasteries, services are held in accordance with the charter of the church, as it should be, seven times a day.

Jesus in their teachings of the Apostles says that prayer should be sincere.Whatever the prayers written by others, one always has the opportunity to appeal directly to God in his heart, and He will hear our sincere prayer that comes from the heart.