Tatars - the religion or nationality?

Republic of Tatarstan - the religion unites multinational population.And it is no exaggeration that.One of the most ethnically diverse republic in the Russian Federation is of Tatarstan.About 3.8 million people living in the territory, are more than 115 nationalities, the vast majority of them Tatars.Religion (Islam) - is one of the most basic.Approximately 52.9% of the Tatarstan population - Muslims, and that led to the dominance of Sunni Islam in this wonderful country.

Tatar main religion - Sunni Islam considers its fundamental principle, of course, the Koran and the Sunnah, the so-called words of the prophet Muhammad.Sunni Tatars, whose religion does not recognize the possibility of mediation between the common people and Allah after the Prophet Mohammed met his death in the community is carried out peculiar election of deputies - the caliphs, which communicate between the Muslims and the supreme deity.

Muslim traditions and customs compliance, of course, all the Tartars.Religion Islam means itself:

-First, the recognition of the Prophet Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, and unquestioning obedience and worship the supreme God;

-Secondly reading daily prayer salad;

-to Third, feeding every Muslim, "Zakat" - tax rate of 2.5% of the accumulated capital for 12 months in favor of the needy and the poor;

-to Fourth, respect for the holy fasting "Saum" that lasts throughout the month of Ramadan;

-to Fifth, the pilgrimage to Mecca.It is believed that a true Muslim should at least one time in my life to make a "pilgrimage."

One of the most revered Muslim holidays are Eid ul Fitr and Eid al Fitr.Eid al Fitr (Eid al Fitr or) - a celebration dedicated to the end of the holy month of Ramadan.On this day, all the relatives gather in one house, in a cozy atmosphere, as it is believed that on this day the souls of all the relatives who have left this world to return to their loved ones.

Kurban Bairam (Eid al Adha) - a holiday when all the Muslims of the world to make a sacrifice of praise Almighty God Allah.Bringing the animal sacrifice is not mandatory, but counts the Divine and rewarded in the future material prosperity, which is equal to the number of hairs that grow on the body of the sacrificed animal.

second largest religion is Orthodox believers.About 40% of the population of Tatarstan are adherents of the faith.A large number of temples and churches is concentrated in the capital of the republic of Tatarstan.The main Orthodox holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, and many others, the church filled with believers.

addition to Christianity and Islam in the republic of Tatarstan can be found quite a large number of believers, practicing Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Judaism, Confucianism.This is demonstrated, first, that in 2008 in the Republic of Tatarstan was officially registered about 1,400 religious organizations.Second, the 1400 cult buildings.Moreover, Muslim mosques occupy the vast majority - 1150 buildings.Orthodox churches, churches, cathedrals and chapels there are 200 structures.The remaining 50 iconic buildings belong to other religious faiths.

Tatars, the religion which is divided into a huge number of branches - a very peaceful and friendly people.According to local residents, despite the religion, all people go under one God, so to harass someone because of his religious beliefs is wrong and should be punished by law.The most important quality that is characteristic of the Tatar people - religious tolerance.