Teeth are cut!

your bad eating crumb, more often than usual crying and capricious?Maybe it's teeth!On the first teeth and how to care for them - tips pediatric dentists.

1. When the first teeth begin to erupt baby?

usually occurs in 6-8 months.But everything is very individual.For example, in preterm babies teeth can erupt for a month or two later date.Also, much depends on genetics: there are children who have grandparents whose teeth were cut significantly earlier than normal.No surprise, then, that their grandson would akseleratov.It is believed that children bottle-whose power is further enriched with calcium, teeth appear a little too early.

2. How do you determine that the baby is about to become toothed?

Just.He begins to act up, often cry, refuse to take the breast, or lure, he can go up and stay a few days the temperature.But the main feature - a swelling of the gums and increased saliva production.In general, when there is an urgent need Bibs - and then the first tooth on the way!

3. What is the order of eruption of primary teeth?

first teeth usually appear in this order:

first lower incisors - 6-9 months.
first upper incisors - 7-10 months.
second (side) upper incisors - in 9-12 months.
second (side) lower incisors - in 9-12 months.
first upper molars - 12-18 months.
first lower molars - in 13-19 months.
upper canines - 16-20 months.
lower teeth - in 17-22 months.
second lower molars - in 20-33 months.
second upper molars - in 24-36 months.

4. When the child should result in the formation and eruption of primary teeth?

Typically, 2.5-3 years the child already have all 20 primary teeth, and close to 6 years are beginning to appear the first permanent teeth.

5. How to help Zubkov erupt and to relieve the pain in this process?

best remedy - this gel Teether, because it not only massages the gums, but also cools them, reducing the unpleasant feeling in the mouth.It's enough to put Teether, filled with gel, for a few hours in the refrigerator.And before feeding or sleeping, you can lubricate the gums special analgesic ointments.Suit such as Dentinox, Kalgel, kamistad, mundizal, Holisal or doctor Babe.

6. Do I need to clean the baby's first teeth?

sure!This should be done every morning and evening using a gauze swab dipped in water or a special fingertip-brush.

7. What to do if the baby showed signs of tooth decay?

urgently go to a pediatric dentist who will pick up the treatment, adequate age.Remember, the health of teeth depends on the health of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole, so even baby teeth to be treated, so that the child had no problems with chewing and correct bite.

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