Why do you need one-page site

Today we can observe a massive increase in various sites in the network, including popular are one-page sites.This approach

site odnostranichnik and why is it needed at all?

First, it can serve as the starting project for a private business.For example, the entrepreneur knows how business is going to do, but is afraid to lose.He does not know how to attract potential buyers of the target audience to your product.It can create a website from one page and watch the traffic, the behavior of visitors on it.Then he can create another website odnostranichnik , advertising the same product but with some changes in design, in a bid to buy the product, and see which of the two sites will be more visitors.With experience, he chooses the right strategy of communication with customers via the Internet and create a more serious project for trade infoproduktsiey.

Second, single-site can be used as a landing page.Lendingovaya page can increase traffic to your main site by 5-10%.For example, you already have a Web resource with a large number of pages that store a lot of information for users, but its attendance is poor.Starting single-projects on different servers, will help solve this problem with their references.

Thirdly, single-site much easier to set up than a large-scale project.Today allowance creation odnostranichnikov can be easily found on the Internet.This means that you do not need to spend money for the services of a programmer.If you can not do a single-site yourself, contact a freelancer, he will do the job for a fee, which is an experienced programmer would consider symbolic.Site odnostranichnik - This not only saves money but also saves time: the development process takes less than an hour, and you can immediately start the project in the case.

Fourth, one-page resources are indispensable for the sale of goods remote way.As Internet users browsing this site, denied the opportunity to go to another page, his choices narrowed down to two options: either to leave the site, or buy goods.Specialists in psychology, marketing proved that visiting resource ending by pressing the coveted "Buy" button on the website-odnostranichnike much more.

So to summarize.As the old saying goes: small but precious.A single-site in its structure is much simpler any engine, but the profits that it can bring in hundreds of times, it will pay the costs.