Californian Rabbit - the best option for breeding

Best breeder of America George West, who lived in California, brought the breed rabbit California in 1928.Already in 1939 it was officially recognized, and immediately became popular.In Russia, it appeared in the 70-80-ies.Breeder West took as a basis the three breeds: New Zealand rabbit, chinchilla and Himalayan.As a result, the production of variants are the best features of its predecessors.Californian Rabbit has average size (like New Zealand) and the weight of 4.5 kg.He has a white dense fur (like ermine Himalayan breed), and excellent meat (the legacy of the chinchilla).Here they are - Californian rabbits.

breeding them does not require much trouble: they are very prolific in the litter usually 8-10 rabbits.At the birth of a completely white rabbits, and a month later there is typical for this breed dark brown color on the tip of the nose, ears, tail and feet.Considering the offspring, pay attention: rabbits with smoky touch on fur are best of breed in the future worthy of becoming the best manufacturers.

features that distinguish the breed: color (dark areas on a white fur background), a little hook-nosed head on a short neck, ears erect, up to 10 centimeters.Legs animals are short, thick, well furred, a short ponytail.The body broad, well muscled.Weight rabbits is greater than in males, and reaches 4.8 - 5.3 kilograms.Eyes red and brown or black claws.Wool is white, thick, firm and pleasant to the touch.

Rabbit California is popular also because of its friendly, docile nature makes it easy to care for animals.Some of the rabbits kept as pets.Especially kids like to play them.

If you decide to buy the Californian rabbits for breeding, they need to choose, guided by the standard of the breed.Variations without spoiling the basic qualities.It is not necessary to discard items with less harmonious proportions: an elongated neck or head, slightly drooping ears, chin stand out.Not a big defect dyed hair in the throat, around the eyes.Violate porodistost weight more than 5.5 kg, long hanging ears, a prominent nose, a lot of dark spots on the fur, fur is rare.

Rabbit California has become popular because it does not require special conditions of detention.Preferably greater cell with a mesh floor to measure insulation, since the animals do not suffer from low temperatures, even if no bedding in the cage.But they need grooming.To animals is well developed and grew rapidly, they need a diet high in protein.Mandatory meat and fish meal, milk additives.Rabbits should not limit in food, should provide them with continuous access to water.In winter you need to drink warm water.With good nutrition and proper care of the animals of this breed are growing rapidly: three months to weigh 2.5 kg, and a month later their weight up to 3 kg.With good maintenance and regular veterinary care animal life expectancy of this breed is ten years.