"VLSI": report became faster.

modern system of electronic reporting VLSI ++, - a single, universal system, which includes all levels of submitting reports, preparation, testing and analysis of any document.With this system it is possible to report with all regulatory authorities entrepreneurial process.In addition, VLSI ++, allows the exchange of information between employees, between the different offices, agencies and organizations, without fear of unauthorized use of sensitive data.

VLSI system operates in the so-called single window.Electronic reporting through the Internet was made possible at the same time with the pension fund, with the tax authorities, with the Social Insurance Fund, Federal State Statistics Service, with members of other budgetary processes, and with different counterparties.Applications and services Incorporation ION allow embroider opportunities accountant.

Working with the system is very simple.Deal with it everyone can.The taxpayer, selecting the appropriate department and the desired shape of the report, fills in VLSI ++, all of the proposed line.After that a report be sent to the signature EDS.The next stage of the report is encrypted and sent to the service provider.Special operator has already sent a report to the supervisory authority.Ends the process - confirmation of inspection, the report delivered.

consider the step by step instructions of how the delivery of reporting, the example of the tax return.Before you begin the registration statements, make sure you have selected the right of the taxpayer, for which you want to deliver the report.Next you should go to the register of the Federal Tax Service, by choosing from a list proposed to you the month and year that is needed.To select a period of taking statements, point and click "reporting periods".The following phase of the report.By clicking the "Report", the system will prompt you to choose any form of statements from the list.Once the form is opened, it automatically will transfer all the information found in the taxpayer's personal card.This name or IP, the tax authority, the CPT, VAT, and other required details.Fill in the form is not difficult.All the usual fields for all accountants do not cause problems, as they represent an identical version of the paper.We should not worry about whether the correct form of reporting, the system automatically makes changes to the reporting period, if there were any changes in the accounting registers.

After the cells have entered all the required data is generated protocol that shows whether to report errors.To make corrections, you can click on the link that shows the number of rows.After filling and testing procedures please click on the "Save and Exit".The final procedure - is the transfer to be signed and sent statements to the supervisory authority.