The value of the name Venus.

For all parents their children are special, and it is understandable.Naturally, this approach has led many to look for the rare, beautiful names, that will emphasize the uniqueness of the child.One of these names is come to us from the ancient Roman name of Venus, which belonged to the most beautiful goddess of Olympus.

meaning of the name Venus

Before choosing this name, it should, of course, familiar with the properties, which it gives to its owner, as well as the fact that it represents.So, what to expect from a child called beautiful and very strong - Venus?The value of the name - "love."And it's a great feeling will have the greatest impact on the fate of the bearer of the name, but first things first.


a child of Venus usually deliver a lot of trouble to parents, because, being born in powerful, they nevertheless have a very poor health.Even a small draft can cause severe cold, so the child requires special attention.In addition, Venus can often experience bouts of unexplainable anxiety.The atmosphere in which the child should be as to be fed with love.Venus is not like fairy tales end with the bad, sad music and tragic stories.The inner strength that gives meaning to the name of Venus can cause a conflict, especially with teachers of kindergarten, school teachers, as the owner of this magical name always know exactly what they want.This quality should be promoted and protected, because in the future it will undoubtedly come in handy, because Venus - born leaders.


meaning of the name Venus, namely, "love", will define the many acts upon entry into adulthood.Venus is usually beautiful and possess an innate charm that attracts male attention to them.Very amorous owners of this beautiful name is difficult to maintain long-term relationships.Because of this early marriages often end in divorce.With age, the situation is changing, and entering a mature phase of Venus begin to be attentive to the choice of a spouse, which in most cases leads to a long and happy family life.

As for trades, the multi-faceted nature of Venus allows them to seize any nonprofit activity.But good looks and love of the sport, especially gymnastics, largely narrow range of occupations.Thus, Venus may become an actress, TV presenter, a professional model or a master of sports in the field which it easily achieves very good results.Also on the choice of a profession may influence innate ability to art.

Winter and summer

meaning of the name Venus largely determine the two most antagonistic seasons - winter and summer.Girls born in the winter, need approval from others.They lead an active life, trying to interact more with other people, especially men."Winter" Venus is very stubborn and independent.

Those who are born in the summer, to a greater extent inherent modesty and kindness.They are pleasant and do a good deed go unnoticed, since the reaction of others to them is not as important as the internal evaluation of its own actions."Summer" Venus are more flexible and do not go ahead, but do not confuse their gentleness with weakness.They know their value and by deciding not depart from it.