Traffic accident

As jurisprudence shows, some drivers are careless relate to traffic rules and often admit their violation, serious concern for the consequences that may ensue as a result occur traffic accidents, which is why road users receive injuries of variousseverity, and sometimes, people die from injuries incompatible with life.

One such case arose with thirty resident Chishminsky region RB.

the dock turned out, quite a young man, characterized only on the positive side.The question arises: what happened, what led him to the dock?Violation of traffic rules - this is the short answer.

Events unfolded as follows.A resident Chishminsky district of Belarus in May 2010, moving along the band-only traffic route vehicles in the car VAZ 21053 on the highway Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk in the Ufa region of Belarus, near the turn to p. Abdon towards n. Alkino, thereby violating rulesroad, hit a two men aged 44 and 46 years old.As a result of his injuries one of them died at the scene of road traffic accident, and the second - the next day in hospital.

During the investigation and trial of the defendant's guilt was confirmed completely.At the hearing he guilty as charged fully recognized, affirmed that violated the rules of the road, fully aware of the incident, the severity of his crime and repented of their deeds.However, the death toll due to his fault people - the breadwinners of the family, husbands and fathers did not return ...

verdict of the District Court of Ufa RB he was convicted for violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, resulting in the death of two people responsiblefor the offense provided h. 5, Art.264 of the Criminal Code.The public prosecutor offered sentenced him to 3 years of imprisonment in a penal colony, claims for compensation for material and moral damages requested to meet.Taking into account all the circumstances of the case, the court sentenced the defendant to 2 years and 6 months' imprisonment in a penal colony, the alleged victim claims for compensation for material and moral damages granted totaling 1,163,000 rubles.

of the verdict did not come.