Baby gifts zodiac sign

Choosing a gift for someone else's child is not the best for the price or fashion trends, and in accordance with the type of temperament and temperament.Astrologers believe that we should focus on the zodiac sign under which the baby was born.And, of course, do not forget to consult with their parents - their information is accurate most accurate horoscope.

Aries Aries often change their interests and each new occupation seriously addicted to fully ohladevaya to the previous.If you do not believe that the son of a friend and this month continues to collect model airplanes or make plaster reliefs, then donate sports equipment such as skates, skateboard, roller skates, or even darts.Everything connected with active games, little Aries is always received with enthusiasm.

Taurus Taurus - perhaps the most diligent zodiac sign tend to have calves well developed fine motor skills, they love to sculpt, sew, work with small details.For a boy, the best gift of Taurus - Designer or prefabricated models as an option - a kit for burning, production of magnets, game-lacing.The girls will be happy sets for needlework: application for the babies three to four years and beadwork, felt purses and shoes for first-graders.

Gemini Gemini

handing new market: toys, speak several languages, computers and children's science kits for experiments - the electrical and mechanical stands, mixing liquids, telescopes and microscopes.Preschoolers like clockwork toys and watches.


Serious little love Crayfish in their games to imitate adult activity.A set of tools or a set of doctors for a boy, a hair kit for girls or a special doll's head, where you can practice your hairstyle and visage - the best gift.


saying "roads are not gift expensive attention" invented about Lviv.From childhood, they like shiny and bright, so be sure to pack your gift is beautiful, the most magnificent bow tie and take care of the ceremonial delivery.Involve others in the process of giving that kid feel like a king or queen of the festival.Toy or book to be unusual, surprising, which has none of the children are not familiar.

Virgo the Virgin - a young intellectuals who truly love to explore the world.Even a three year old Deva overjoyed speaking globe, and a preschooler or a child of primary school age will be grateful for colorfully decorated encyclopedia.Books about pirates, ancient cultures, dinosaurs and fantastic creatures - the perfect gift for the Virgin.


convivial and sociable Libra children like board games, ranging from simple dominoes and ending financial and social "monopoly".If your child has assembled a collection of games, buy wooden lotto in premium design - to the traditional barrels, which is pleasant to hold in hand, Libra will not stand.


Preschoolers Scorpio giving a kaleidoscope, and students - puzzles, because the process of connecting parts in perfect faceless entity mesmerizing scorpions, true connoisseurs of the mysteries of art.For Scorpios invented the magnetic designers and a variety of puzzles.


Optimistic Sagittarius almost from birth rejoice around.They are easy to please any gift, regardless of the cost and scope.Given the incredible activity of children Streltsov try not to bring musical toys and equipment for outdoor games - perhaps the parents.It is better to hand the simple game, a set of stained glass and paints, clay-colored balls in egg, from which you can grow a little animal.


Rubik's Cube, a set of board games in 1 100, beautiful design - and you will be able to cater to the practical child-Capricorn is not zhaluyuschemu no sports, no noisy companies."The best gift book" - it is also about Capricorn, especially if you give him the book, puzzle book with a secret book, a collection of riddles and puzzles.


in Santa Claus children stop believing Aquarians already by the age of three or four, as in the elves, fairies, dragons and magic.But these phones or laptops, as adults, Aquarians want to have in the early grades, and sometimes earlier.Suitable for gift and gadgets is easier, and in extreme cases - the disc with movies or cartoons, it is desirable - with the news.


Sets for drawing all kinds, in any number of markers, drawing board, table creative young artist - Pisces child will never be enough of brushes and paints.Pisces are ready to paint the clock - T-shirts, crockery for dolls, rocks, magnets, bags, key chains, such creative kits can safely give boys and girls Pisces aged 2 years and older.

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