The woman with the biggest hands in the world

Doctors believe that the 59-year-old Duandzhay Samaksamam living in Thailand - the largest arms in the world.Each of them weighs about 9.5 kilograms.

For more than 50 years Duandzhay Samaksamam living in the Thai province of Surin, suffers from a very rare and extremely painful disease - lipomatosis, a hereditary genetic disease.As a result of the disease on the hands of women formed huge fat.Each hand Samaksama weighs more than 9 kg, so any movement of the limbs can be very painful for the woman.So that even such seemingly simple steps like washing and combing hair for her extremely difficult.

ashamed of his condition, the first 20 years of life lived Duandzhay recluse.She was so ashamed that she did not even go to school.

But then it still had to come out of hiding and lead the family grocery store to make a living and take care of elderly parents, who were no longer able to engage in this business.

Samaksamam attracted the attention of doctors from different countries, many surgeons have tried to help reduce the swelling, but so far none of them failed.

"when the planet had spread the news of my condition, doctors offered me a series of operations.I agreed, - says Duandzhay.- The first time they did not removed - just cut his hand, but did not touch the tissue, fearing damage to the nerves.Five months later, I began to hurt the wrist, and then the pain increased so much that I could not sleep.Then doctors made two more operations, removing my hands from about 700 grams of fat.But it did not help - a month adipose tissue recovered.After all these operations the hand swelled and I felt even worse.I was only 25 years old.Now my hands are so heavy that I can hardly lift a comb or a bottle of shampoo.Dress me insanely difficult and painful.Now doctors say that the only opportunity for me to get rid of suffering - to amputate the arm.But I do not want to do that ".

Medicines disease poor woman yet, but she still hopes. That someone will be able to help her, without resorting to amputation.

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