"BAT-M" - class engineering machine road

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said that Russia has always been the most powerful military equipment.Such an argument is not just about machines used for combat, but also about the nature of the service devices.A striking example of this, and irrefutable proof - tracked puteprokladchik "BAT-M"!

Even in this seemingly everyday car rather reflected the Russian spirit.Approaching this unit, unwittingly struck by its sheer size, and closer inspection, marvel absurdities.It seems that there are caterpillars - means a tank, but then you see the upper part of the machine that resembles trucks from the old Soviet films.Puteprokladchik "BAT-M" - an exemplary sample of Soviet constructivism!

majestic and strong, he looks not only from the outside.With its technical characteristics it is not inferior to the powerful tank.

Features puteprokladchika

Designed for global ideas and undertakings, assistant in cleaning and construction sites on a gigantic scale, puteprokladchik "BAT-M", with its weight of 275 quintals, t. E. 27.5 tonnes, with a big (ifin these scales at all possible, such a comparison) fuel tank (maximum capacity of 0.9 tonnes), which provides the performance of our "beast" up to 15 hours.And it is only a small part of the information about it.

«BAT-M", technical specifications which are more like a tank than a tractor, is very powerful.Just think: 305 horsepower, and thanks to the pressurized cabin and the filter, the machine can operate in conditions of infections in the clouds and a wide variety of toxic gases!It allows puteprokladchik use in virtually any environment.

«BAT-M 'specifications is very inspiring.This design also includes a huge bucket (if you can call it that), capable of operating in 3 main positions, namely in the bulldozer, and grader dvuhotvalnom.In all operating modes, the bucket has a different width - 5 m, 4.5 m and 4 m. It would seem that that's all, that's enough.But no, you can not only regulate some specific provisions of the bucket, but his height, ie. E., It may be raising and lowering, and this is important "option."Moreover, the disposal of "BAT-M" there is a strong crane, able to lift as much, and 2 tons!Himself valve regulated remote panel that allows one person to not only concentrate on the management of the unit, but also to perform some other duties feasible.In general it can be noted that the "BAT-M" - a real godsend for those who love the versatile and powerful technique.

Since the release of "the beast" and to our time

If you remember the launch of these monsters, as it was in 1966, it is possible to compare the "BAT-M" with Nikola Tesla, saying that the car ahead of its time,and even then it was not as necessary as it is now.If you now consider the market that offer us a modern machine manufacturers such a plan, none of them can compete with the "BAT-M" in functionality, not to mention the prices of such products, even indispensable, but quite rare.

old reliable "BAT-M»

Looking back on the year of production, these machines can be called retirees, dinosaurs, relics of the past, but as opposed to only one possible cause, but a very thin argument.What can we say, if more than 50 years since the start of production of this technology does not come up with the car, more convenient to use?

Actually Do?

Model "BAT-M" is relevant in our time.You can talk a lot about its merit from the technical side as the equipment, but do not forget about its advantages as a means of exploitation: a roomy cabin, which can comfortably accommodate two adults, but because of the location of the engine under the cab is easy to solve the problem of heating the cabin during the coldwinter time.

from people who have dealt closely with this unusual machine (and it is the staff and drivers exploiters), you can get a surprisingly unanimous reviews."BAT-M", the work will not leave dissatisfied receives from consumers only good grades.

Benefits puteprokladchika

«BAT-M" - is an engineering vehicle that belongs to a class of traffic.Usually with the help of sleep trenches, ditches, craters, paving the way, clearing the roads of rubble or dig trenches.The basis for such puteprokladchika designers chose tractor "AT-T."This machine is able to travel at speeds up to 35 km / h, and its advantage is a reliable sealing of the cab.In order to carry out the installation of a working body in the grader, dozer or dvuhotvalnoe position, you need to work with hydraulically.Because of crane equipment, this machine has a powerful lifting capacity, and you can control it using the remote console.

Pros purchase "BAT-M»

With a powerful winch to pull the car out of the mud can not just another third-party technology, but also itself, and this is a big plus towards the purchase of the equipment.The next device in the line ("BT-2") is more cumbersome and less agile, so it is more convenient to use is considered "BAT-M."It is also obvious advantages crawler: thanks to this puteprokladchik can travel almost anywhere, but due to the width of the tracks - not to fall "into the ground" on shaky areas.The machine is very reliable, durable and reliable in all conditions."BAT 2" differs from it in the presence of an engineering department, and this model polubronirovannaya."BAT-M" more agile, not as long and less cumbersome.