Velvet: fabric, its types and features

Velvet - durable fabric, fleecy, with ridges on the front side.It consists of viscose or cotton, are rarely made of synthetic fibers.

History of material

this material first appeared in the Middle Ages when it was used for the manufacture of curtains.Later, the French began to be used for sewing clothes for royalty, then still very expensive corduroy.Fabric instantly became popular and devyatnadtsatamu century "reached" and to Russia.However, as upholstery for furniture.But sew clothes of velvet in our country began only in the last century.

Variety today

Today there are several types of fabric: corduroy with wide hems and high pile, which is formed due to the very high density of weft yarns.Much more than the density of the yarns in the warp.This tight corduroy - the fabric a little hard, so well suited for summer shoes or light coat.Also corduroy has a so-called corduroy-ribbed (c low pile), which is often used for sewing children's clothes and raincoats.There are also versions with ornaments and even bleached pile (under frost).All corduroy fabric produced as a one-colored and printed with various patterns and velvet, painted black, and is called - black corduroy.Currently produced corduroy not only with longitudinal ridges, but also the transverse and oblique even - variants have any taste.If you decide to sew a suit, dress or jacket, then you perfect corduroy.Cloth very practical, since combines low price and good wear resistance.Also an advantage is the fact that it practically does not crumple and very pleasing to the body.In addition, corduroy fabric is very well combined with other materials: linen, leather, lace and others.

Care velvet home

Fashion corduroy should provide decent care.Since the corduroy - natural cotton fabric, it may give a strong shrinkage after washing.Therefore, the clothes made of this fabric only be washed in warm water, the temperature of which shall be thirty - thirty-five degrees.Strongly rub and twist velvet products is not recommended.Generally things out of such material is better to hand over to the dry cleaners to accurately prevent damage to the pile, and other troubles.At home with velveteen products spots should be carefully removed blotting movements and do not rub gently picking stain remover.To iron products from this specific tissue needs only from the inside, using steam as, otglazhivaya corduroy without steam, you can severely damage the pile.Need ironing on a soft surface (eg, towels, postelennuyu top of the ironing board).If the product is quite rumpled and can not do without otglazhivaniya the front side, then it should be done very carefully, lightly pressing iron.Before starting to iron, it is better to try to unnecessary piece of cloth.