5230 Nokia: characteristics, prices, photos

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Nokia has launched its most well-known devices, related to the range Lumia, recently.Before that the manufacturer of smartphones in the arsenal have phones that have much more simple characteristics.However, they at the time of its release were sufficiently advanced compared to that present in the market.

Today we talk just about one of the early touchscreen phones issued by Nokia.This is the 5230 Nokia.Characteristics of the device, as well as customer reviews of it are summarized below.In the meantime, we give a general description of what is the model of the legendary Finnish mobile company.

General description

Immediately after its release model was positioned as an innovative solution, but soon became a typical representative of the budget class production company.If we believe the data in the online media, the phone was released in 2009 at the price of 149 euros - for a simple version and 225 euros - for the unit with additional service Nokia Comes With Music.If we talk about the official sales in our country, the stores could only find a more expensive model 5230 Nokia.Characteristics of the service shows that the addition is a musical that gave users access to your favorite music.Again, at the time of his presentation device functions it was quite new.


Since, as noted above, the Nokia 5230 (information is confirmed) is relatively budget option, it is not surprising that it offers on the market in a plastic case.However, as shown by the recommendations of customers, the material here is quite pleasant to the touch, which leaves a positive impression.

The Nokia 5230, the characteristics of which we present in this moment, is marketed in several variations.Between them they vary depending on what kind of the panel in question.The front of the phone on the market in black and white version, while the back is decorated with black, red, pink, light blue or light green lid - on the buyer's choice.This diversity allows you to personalize your phone definitely "under him", which obviously like young audiences model 5230 Nokia.

characteristics of all mobile phone includes a description of the display smartphone in question.Our article is not an exception in this respect, therefore, also describe a sensor that use Nokia back in 2009 with the production of the series 5230.


So, it is worth noting - the screen here, as on the old keyboard smartphonesIt relates to a TFT-type.Its resolution is only 360x640 pixels, which seems ridiculous compared to modern devices.The sensor is installed on this model resistive, so while pressing a few pixels on the screen will be a problem.

As they say about the Nokia 5230 specifications of the manufacturer, the size of the display is not that great - the diagonal is only 3.2 inches.Today, of course, smart phones with such small displays are not so much, but in 2009 the on-screen model 5230 can be clearly seen almost all the popular games.


Given the age of the machine, the technical equipment is advanced and difficult to call - then set the processor with a frequency of 434 MHz with a RAM of 128 MB.Though this and a little bit, but the game play of the time the phone has been able to.Developers, by the way, judging by the reviews, is quite qualitatively optimized the work Nokia 5230.

Features WiFi-module does not mention, for this reason, we conclude that there is such a function is not available.Instead, the device supports mobile Internet.In addition, at the Nokia installed physical memory of 78 MB (with the possibility of increasing it by memory card).

It is important to also mention the camera, standing on a phone that is dedicated to this review.Of course, the resolution it is not large enough to take pictures of text (only 2 megapixels);but already it was a good achievement at the time for Nokia 5230.

Feature Camera - this is nothing compared with the accelerometer - an option that allows the device to determine the position in space.It is very often used, as we know, in games and applications.

Operating System

way, about the software and the operating system for the model - of course, there is not installed modern Android or iOS.On the model is Symbian 9.4, which is relatively well cope with the task in front of Nokia 5230. Characteristics of the GPS shows that the device is capable of receiving a signal to 20 stations with the connection option A-GPS.Yet thanks to this operating system on the Internet has been available then a large number of entertainment content.Thus, to say that the apparatus does not work on Android or iOS, or what can not, can not.


Regarding the recommendations, they are, as always, can be divided into positive and negative coming from customers with different requirements and style of using the device.For example, there are those who argue that the mobile phone - is cheap and convenient, simple and practical;It has a powerful battery, bright display and sturdy body.Some users called model cheaper option of simple but functional smartphone.

Negative points include some "limited development" associated with the lack of a module for Wi-Fi-reception, outdated operating system that does not produce new applications, as well as the lack of a camera flash.More about Nokia 5230 customer response indicates the presence of periodic device locked up during more complex tasks and not the obedient sensor.However, even with these problems can be tolerated because the phone is really reliable in every sense of the word.


Of course, the Nokia 5230 can not be compared with modern low-end phones on the grounds that it was released back in 2009.But even that does not stop to find responses to the delight of the model, dating from 2012, 2013 and 2014 - 5 years after the sale of the unit.This, obviously, is the best indicator of what is a phone.

If you need a reliable and efficient modern smartphone, then Nokia's range has models Lumia c preloaded operating system Windows Phone - more powerful machines that meet all requirements.