His mission: to step on a rake!

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32-year-old Ben Ivey three times already become a victim of online cheats.His "shod" a total of more than $ 20,000.Despite this, Ben is ready to "step on the same rake" again.

first search for love on the Internet Ben he took up in January 2011.It happened after failed relationships that were with him in the West University of Sydney and an unsuccessful attempt to find a girlfriend through the local church in which Ivey is a devout parishioner.

young man felt very lonely and longed for love and was ready to do anything to bring happiness to any lady.

Online benaughty.com Australian met with Michel Raymond.She told him that she was an actress in London, addicted to drugs, but is now clean and ready for a relationship.Being a good Christian, Ben used to trust people, so when Michelle told him that is in need of money, because on the way to his plane was delayed, and in addition to that she stole a bag, sent her money.The plane was delayed several times, and 17 days after the expected arrival of Raymond, who lost by this time $ 1,965, Mr. Ivey finally realized that he was a victim of fraud.

's only been a few months and through the pages of the Australian singles social network Facebook began corresponding with Brenda Campbell.She said that living far away from Ben in Sydney and owns a jewelry shop online.But now she is abroad and to fly to Australia with the dog, which it never leaves, it needs money.

Brenda "shod" unlucky seeker of love at $ 11.433, which he translated it through Western Union.

immediately after Ivey knew him again, "divorced", he appealed to the police and was forced to remove their accounts in social networks, to cancel bank cards and to open new bank accounts.

But as they say, "the broken itching."In October 2012, Ivey has placed another advertisement on a dating site, this time at Sydney.

And again, where I met a lady from London, named Annie.After a short time, Annie said that he wants to marry Ben marry him and move to Australia, but for this it is necessary to pay taxes on inherited her property.

Ivey posted a new potential spouse through all the same Western Union $ 8,024.

As in the two previous cases, he kept it a secret from their parents and friends.

And as in the two previous cases, was again the victim of fraud.

In October 2012, the son confessed dad with his mother in another misfortune befell him, and since then the parents control all his expenses and have access to its bank accounts.

Despite three "divorce", Ivey is once again ready to step on the same rake.He says he has finally found his love - this time in the Philippines.Ben is confident that his new favorite, whom he met again on the network - a real, not fake, like the previous ones.

As evidence, he cites the fact that he had spoken to her on Skype, while the other ladies did not communicate with him via online video.Also, the Australian said that Filipina told about a fraud and that she in return assured him that it is not so.And most importantly: she never asked him for money.

So now Ivy plans to travel to the Philippines and to make and make a lady's marriage proposal.

In the meantime, in an effort to further eliminate fraud, Ben is now removes all Pisman requests to add as friend of the people he has never met in real life.

Photo source: dailymail.co.uk