Mining - a pledge of prosperity Russia

Despite the fact that Russia is fabulously rich in minerals, a century ago, them little known.The state is practically not been studied, and the raw materials imported from abroad.From England carried coal from Morocco phosphate fertilizers delivered in Germany to buy potash.

Since the 30s, the Soviet Union began a large-scale geological exploration and mining in large volumes.At the end of its existence, the Soviet Union was the world leader in the identified mineral resources and their diversity.

Regulation today

Most of the natural resources of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited, and now it is the most wealthy country in the world mineral substances.Experts estimate the explored natural resources in its territory in 27 trillion.

Throughout the 20th century, and most of all in the second half in Russia steadily increased mining.For example, from 1960 to 1990, oil began to produce more than 4.3 times, and natural gas - 26.7 times.At the same time, it increased iron ore production by almost 2.7 times, coal - 1.3 times.At the end of the last century, when the country experienced a decline and the volume of production has decreased, Russia is still a leader in the world's largest producer of gas, coal, oil, iron ore.

Today Russia is considered the main power mining planet.Mining, despite the many difficulties remained fairly prosperous industry.

main problem affecting the development of the mining industry is the poor transport infrastructure and a lack of modern technologies for processing mineral raw materials, which leads to the predominance of the commodity nature of the exports.

uneven distribution of natural resources

deposits of mineral resources on the territory of Russia are very unevenly distributed.The biggest number of them is in Siberia, which is rightly called the pantry of the country.It is here that concentrates the major mining.

Almost a third of all the mineral wealth of the country is located in West Siberia, a quarter - in east.From 8 to 12% of stocks are in the Volga, the Urals, the Far North and the economic regions.The remaining regions of Russia are not rich in mineral resources.

who is allowed to extract minerals?

In order to comply with the national interests of mining in Russia is carried out within the law and in compliance with all its requirements relating to the use of mineral resources of the country.Granting the right to use mineral resources issued a special permit.

Under federal law, a license for the extraction of minerals may be issued only on the field, who have passed the state examination.It entitles you to search for and implementation of field development, other specified types of work.Licensing by the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use.