The calculation of the efficiency of the investment project

As part of the development of market relations, investment serves an important basis for financing activities and a source of economic development.It is very useful to be able to calculate the efficiency of investments, over time, expanding their scope.

evaluating the effectiveness of the investment project should go through several stages:

1) to develop an investment proposal and a declaration of intent;

2) form a feasibility study of the project;

3) to carry out economic monitoring;

4) to calculate the cost-effectiveness of the project.

necessary to gather the necessary information, the amount of which will depend on the stage at which the project is located, and of its complexity.It includes the purpose, information about the organization that is implementing the project (organizational and legal form, the existence of the wound on, the state of finances, etc.), type of product, the risk assessment.Also note that the collection of this information is carried out before the calculation of the efficiency.

It is important to assess the following types of project performance:

1) Performance program as a whole (this is most likely to happen on the part of commercial or public position, and both of which should be considered from the point of view of one respondent, which implements the project usingown funds).

calculation of the efficiency of the parties has the following objectives:

- determine the potential attractiveness of the program for possible partners;

- to find sources of financing.

2) Effective participation in investment projects.Being involved in the implementation of the program may be anyone: the company itself, which creates a draft, and the banks that lend to it, and the company that provides equipment leasing, etc.Also, the project may be affected by higher structures, such as region, branch, which can significantly affect the performance of the investment.

necessary to determine how effectively each respondent participate in the program.

This kind of project performance pursues these objectives:

- check the feasibility of the investment program;

- to assess the interest of all participants in the project.

calculation of the efficiency of the investment project - a category that reflects the compliance or noncompliance of the program interests and goals of its respondents.

Evaluating commercial viability, it should be noted that as an effect here is the real money flow, defined as the total number of funds from operating and investing activities for each year of the project.

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising is to determine the amount of uncertainty solutions marketing.Advertising itself - is to inform potential customer about the product.The calculation of the effectiveness of advertising is done by using the following parameters:

1) the degree of introduction of information about a product in the consumer consciousness;

2) the amount of purchases made per unit of time, etc.

deciding on the effectiveness of the project, determine the extent to which it meets the requirements and objectives of the development investment program.Then we can talk about its implementation.