Setting Yandex mail in the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird

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The article describes the gradual setting Yandex-mail program Mozilla Thunderbird.Advantages of these products are obvious: high speed and minimal load on the network connection.These advantages can not boast the usual visit to the electronic box through a browser.Therefore, experienced users use e-mail clients.

Creating a box

Setting Yandex-mail address begins with the creation of the electronic box.For registration, follow these steps:

  • We go to the following address:
  • in the upper right corner click on the button "Create your box."
  • form will open in which you must specify the personal data, login, password, security question to regain access and mobile phone.At the bottom of the screen, enter the captcha and click the button "Create your box."
  • Then once you get access to it.This will open the "Quick Setup".It can be closed by clicking "Later", which is located in the lower left corner.

Parameter server

The next step is setting Yandex-mail is to set the necessary parameters to connect Mozilla Thunderbird or similar software.To do this, click on "Settings" (located in the upper right corner of the interface, it is drawn on gear).In the window on top is the inscription "All parameters" - do click on it.Next we need to select "Mail program", which is located in the lower right corner.Open it.Then select the check box next to the field «» to allow access to the box with e-mail clients.Save the changes by pressing the corresponding button.

Installing and configuring client

This ended the external setting Yandex-mail.Windows 8 and other operating systems from Microsoft's web browser must download the installation version of Mozilla Thunderbird.To do this, enter its address bar the following address: «», go to this page, click "Download" button.Then, specify the storage location (for example, the "Desktop").

After downloading install the version following the instructions in the wizard.Then run the program.When you first open a window in which click "Cancel".Right in the working area of ​​the program, select the item "E-mail".Below we do click on the button "Skip ...".In the settings window, enter the name, mailbox name and password to it, click "Next".Then you must click on the button "Install Manual".It is necessary to change two fields.The first of them - is the "Inbox".Then set the drop-down list «IMAP» and adjacent to introduce «».Then configure the outgoing mail is Yandex.To do this, select the following line «SMTP» and enter «».

also need to set encryption to protect against tampering.For this option «SSL» in both lines set to «SSL / TLS».Then click "Test".After the connection is active will the button "Finish".If it does not, then we close the window and start again with a click on the item "E-mail".Click on the button and go to the main workspace.Here, in the upper left corner do click on "Get".The program automatically downloads the emails.

Conclusion In this article Yandex-mail setup is described as an example of the popular client Mozilla Thunderbird.But this algorithm is universal, it can be applied to any other program of this class (for example, The Bat or Outlook Express).The benefits of such an arrangement with the postal services are obvious - speed and minimum load on the connection.All this, coupled with the possibility of battery life makes this the optimal solution.