How to build up your hair at home?

Hair extensions - an excellent way to change the image and the image.The beauty salon offers to choose one of the ways of hair extensions: hot or cold, according to the Italian or Japanese technology.Of course, building the cabin gives a guarantee of quality, master will give advice on the type of your hair and take care of them at the end of the procedure.And yet, such a procedure is expensive, and time to visit the salon is not always enough.Is it possible to increase the hair at home?This is possible if you stock up on patience and the desire to learn this art.


to increase hair at home, you will need to purchase in the pro shop of cosmetics and equipment for hairdressers following items:

  • strands of hair;
  • special separator strands;
  • resin to bond pryadok (depending on the technology capacity);
  • vibrobritvu to align the boundaries;
  • curling secure locks.

Before you build up your hair at home, check the ends of hair - they should not be split.Staining should be easy to build procedures, and not after.Before the procedure, the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and dried.

Hot method

Before increase hair home hot method, they should be separated by special separator around the entire circumference of the head.The diameter of the strands should be less than eight millimeters.Should begin to move from the front of the head to the neck.Next, select a lock, and at a distance of one centimeter from the tip of the hair attach to it with an artificial keratin capsule at the end.The joint between the strands need to clamp pliers, which will melt the ends of the capsule and sealed it pryadok.After the increase hair at home hot method you finished, the joints must be treated vibrobritvoy strands throughout.Replacing keratin capsules may be wax, silicone or hot resin.The use of these materials can cause very rough joints, which are always in need of careful handling vibrobritvoy.The disadvantage - thermal effect, which is bad for the health of natural hair.

Cold method

How to increase your hair at home more secure?The cold method, in which the main material - glue "Ruber" more gentle, but requires a certain skill from someone who will carry out capacity.Clay can be purchased at any specialty store for hairdressers.

Other technologies

use of metallic beads - another way to get the hairstyle of your dreams.The bead ring to be pushed a strand of its own and artificial hair, then gently squeeze it with pliers.When using this technology hairstyle hold for about two weeks, after which the hair needs to rest three to four weeks.

Care new image

Women of fashion should know not only how to build up your hair at home, but how to care for them after the procedure.Modern natural strands - high quality, they can be washed with shampoo, straighten laundries and twist on hair curlers - they do not differ from real hair.Artificial locks - not the best quality, require more attention from their owner, or a beautiful hairstyle can easily turn into something quite the opposite.Therefore, we must use the best achievements of modern cosmetology and always be irresistible.