How to choose a festive make-up?

Almost every woman on the eve of any holiday event is given a difficult question of what to wear and how to do makeup.After all, to look irresistible, the upcoming event should be carefully prepared.And it is worth noting that the selection of clothes and make-up - two essential components, without which it is impossible to imagine any holiday.Many of the fair sex do not know what is worth doing in the first place: to choose makeup or dress along to the make-up?

But here everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance: first you need to determine the order in which role you will be at the ceremony.You might be in the role of air and gentle princess, or maybe you want to appear in front of guests in style rock vamp?Once we decided on the future of style, once it becomes clear that the clothes must be chosen under makeup.

What is the essence of the holiday makeup?

Any festive make-up differs significantly from that which is applied on a daily basis: it is brighter and more saturated.He must stress the natural beauty and allocate its possessor from the crowd.The main thing - do not overdo it, to not get the opposite effect.

selection depends on the make-up dresses and hairstyles, as well as skin tone and hair color.If the future means hair styling hair back, chin and cheekbones recommended to apply dark colors of powder.If the hair is dissolved, there will be more relevant bright lipstick and blush, because such a combination of cosmetics can give a person a greater brightness and expressiveness at a gala event.

It is worth noting a few basic tips for the proper application of makeup. If the girls are gorgeous red hair, they should use golden or orange shades of blush.It is necessary to avoid all pearly and bright colors, and the eyes should be allocated dark pencil, eyeliner or shadow - it will give a more expressive look.On her lips it is recommended to put a bright lipstick.If you follow these simple tips, it is advantageous to accentuate facial features.

If a girl has a light complexion, gray or blue eyes - there will be appropriate only light pastel colors.Performing a festive make-up, it is necessary to focus on the lips or eyes.But we must remember that the need to allocate only one thing!Shadows can be gray, mauve or maroon tint.Cheeks is a little highlight bright blush.The main thing that did not create a bright blush contrast with shadows and drowned them.Eyes better emphasize the contour dark eyeliner, and lips should be bright tint gloss or lipstick.But it is not necessary for them to make a bright accent.

Owners blond hair, peach skin and green, blue or brown eyes suit powder bright colors.Blush should choose golden or apricot hue.Eyes can be identified using any contour pencil or eyeliner.Lips also a good idea to allocate with a pencil.But the festive make-up for brown eyes can not tolerate large-scale formation due to bright shades: turquoise should be fine, beige or light green colors.This combination is very beneficial to emphasize the individuality of the created image and eliminate any hint of vulgarity.

girl having white skin, green, brown or blue-gray eyes and dark hair is perfect all shades of shadows.To make a festive look natural and emphasized only the dignity of its owner, it is necessary to allocate or eyes or only lips.The color of lipstick should be saturated pink, eggplant or silver color.Use in a make-up should be in black ink.The only thing that can be added for spice - it's on the edge of the cilia cause a bit of silver or gold ink.

increasingly relevant in recent years, becoming east festive make-up, which includes 3 types:

  • Indian makeup - is characterized by a special focus on eyes and lips.Eyelashes podkrashivayutsya thick black mascara and black eyeliner stand out bright.Lips must be allocated a bright shade of lipstick.
  • Arabic makeup. It fits a gala makeup for green eyes and brown, with dark hair.It is very much stand eye to be given to almond shape.To do this, draw a line black eyeliner along the upper and lower eyelid.Eyelashes thickly painted in black ink, and the eyelids cover any shades of gold or silver shades.At the same time, do not emit much lip - is enough to put a bright lipstick or gloss.
  • Japanese makeup. There are exclusively used bright colors and powder foundation.Eyes necessarily stand out thin hands, and eyelids are applied very light shade.Instead, the entire focus is on lips - bright lipstick applied.Cheeks covered with a light shade of apricot blush.

Perhaps these tips will help many of the fair sex to choose the right image for the upcoming celebration!