Sodium cyclamate than harm?

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It is difficult to imagine modern food without appropriate additives.Particularly popular acquired various sweeteners.For a long time the most common of these was the chemical sodium cyclamate (another name - e952, additive).To date, reliably confirmed the facts that speak of its dangers.

Properties dangerous sweetener sodium cyclamate

refers to a group of cyclamic acid.Each of these connections will appear as a white crystalline powder.He absolutely does not smell, its main feature - a pronounced sweet taste.In their impact on the taste buds it sweeter than sugar may be 50 times.If you mix it also with other sweeteners, the sweetness of foods can be increased many times over.Excess concentrations of additives easily keep track of - mouth is clearly noticeable aftertaste with a metallic taste.

This substance quickly dissolves in water (not so quickly - alcohol compounds).It is also characteristic that the fatty substances in the E-952 will not dissolve.

Food additives E: types and classification

on each product label in the store is a continuous series of unexplained simple inhabitant of letters and numbers.Understand this chemical nonsense do not want none of the customers: many products fall into the cart without scrutiny.Especially since the food additives used in modern food industry, will be typed about two thousand.Each of them has its own code designation.Those that have been produced in establishments in Europe, are often used letter E. E supplements (table below reflect the classification of them) came to the border of three hundred titles.

Food additives E, Table 1

Scope use Name
as dyes E-100, E-182
substances, preservatives E-200above
antioxidant substances E-300 and higher
Stabilization consistency E-400 and higher
Emulsifiers E-450 and higher
Acidity Regulators and disintegrating E-500 and higher
substances to enhance the taste and aroma E-600
fallback index E-700, E-800
improvers for bread and flour E-900above

prohibited and permitted lists

Each product is E-priori considered technologically justified use and tested for safety for use in human nutrition.For this reason, the buyer trusts the manufacturer, without going into details such harm or benefit supplements.But E supplements are part of a huge iceberg above water.About their true impact on human health is still an ongoing debate.Sodium cyclamate is also causing a lot of controversy.

These differences related to the resolution and use of such substances take place not only in our country but also in Europe and the United States.In Russia today are made up three lists:

1. Permitted additives.

2. Prohibited additives.

3. Substances that are not explicitly permitted, but not prohibited.

Dangerous supplements

In our country expressly prohibited food additives, as reflected in the following table.

Banned in Russia supplements E, Table 2

Scope use Name
Processing peels oranges E-121 (dye)
synthetic dyes E-123
preservative E-240 (formaldehyde).Silnoyadovitoe substance to store tissue samples
flour additives to improve E-924a and E-924v

The current state of the food industry can not completely do without any additives in food.Another thing is that their use is often unduly exaggerated.Such chemical additives in food may increase the risk of a very serious disease, but it will be clear only after dozens of years after their application.But to completely deny the benefit of use of such food can not be: with the help of supplements many of the products are enriched with vitamins and trace elements that are useful to humans.What kind of danger or harm is E952 (additive)?

history of using sodium cyclamate

Initially, a chemical found its application in pharmacology: Abbott Laboratories company wanted to use this sweet discovery in order to mask the bitterness of certain antibiotics.But closer to the 1958 sodium cyclamate has been deemed safe for human consumption.And in the mid-sixties it was already proven that cyclamate is carcinogenic catalyst (though not explicitly cause cancer).That is why the debate about the benefits or harm of the chemical are still underway.

But despite such statements, the additive (sodium cyclamate) is allowed as a sweetener, the harm and benefits which are studied to this day, in more than 50 countries.For example, it is allowed in Ukraine.In Russia, this drug was, on the contrary, excluded from the list of authorized food additives use in 2010.

E-952.The addition brings harm or benefit?

What brings such a sweetener?Harm or benefit hidden in its formula?The popular sweetener previously sold in tablet form, which is prescribed to patients with diabetes as an alternative to the use of sugar.

For preparing food characterized by the use a mixture which consists of ten parts and one part additive saccharin.Due to the stability of such a sweetener in heated, it can be used in baked confectionery, and in drinks, soluble in hot water.

cyclamate found widespread ice-cream, desserts, fruit or vegetable products with a reduced calorie, as well as in the preparation of soft drinks.It is found in canned fruits, jams, jellies, marmalade, rich products and chewing gum.

additive is used in pharmacology: based on it made the mixture used for the production of vitamin-mineral complexes and means of cough (including candy).There is and its use in the cosmetic industry - sodium cyclamate is a component of lip glosses and lipsticks.

Relatively safe additive

During the use of E-952 is not capable of fully understood by most people and animals - it is excreted in the urine.It is considered safe from the ratio of daily dose of 10 mg per 1 kg of the total body mass.

There are certain categories of people who have this food additive in processed teratogenic metabolites.That is why sodium cyclamate can bring harm when consuming it in food for pregnant women.

Despite the fact that the food additive E-952 is recognized by the World Health Organization conditionally safe, you need to be careful about its use, while respecting the specified daily rate.If possible, it is necessary to abandon the products containing it that great impact on human health.