Brief instructions on how to send mail by e-mail

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With advances in technology a person's life, on the one hand, more complicated, but on the other - becomes much easier.As recently as 20-30 years ago, has been sending letters to the whole procedure: a pen, a sheet of paper, envelope.You write a letter, throw in the mailbox, waiting for an answer.And what now?Typed text, one-click, a few minutes later you can read what you sent to the source.Let's see how to send mail by e-mail.

First you need to have a computer, internet connection, your email inbox and address of the person you want to send a letter.If not your e-mail, then do not worry.Before you send an e-mail, we can establish it.

There are many free email services, "Yandex", "Mile", "Google", "Rambler" and others. Go to the website of any of them and register yourself box.For this purpose, click on the button "Register in the mail" or a similar name, follow the prompts.A few minutes later the mission will be completed, and now you can start to answer the question about how to send mail by e-mail.

click on the button "Send a message", and in front of us will open a special form for writing messages.In the "To" field, enter the recipient's e-mail.If these data are already available in our address book, they will appear as you write letters and we will be offered to automatically fill in forms.Just click on the pop-desired address.

If it's a letter and wish to send to others in the "Cc" field enter them.You can enter the address in the "hidden", and then the recipients will not see each other and know that this information is sent to someone else.

Fill the next column - "Theme".In it as briefly point out what this message.The recipient has to understand what the message and open it for reading.

Further special field write the text of the letter.For this purpose, we set the cursor there and start the printing.Once you present all your thoughts, click the "Send" button.Everything took a letter to the recipient, as you will be notified.

above were given basic information on how to send mail by e-mail.During this operation, you can change the text color and font, and enable spell checking, and your message will be error free.

There is a possibility that it is very important to send a file by e-mail.That is, it can be attached to the letter photographs, documents, videos and other information.And the recipient will be able to chat in a letter to her view, download and save to your computer.

For this purpose, click "Attach a file" and open the form to search for it.Using the file manager we find what we want, and double click.All the desired file (photo / video / document) is attached to the letter and go with it to the recipient.

Here we answer the question about how to send mail by e-mail, add the files to it.Now you can forget about the envelopes and writing paper, and be sure that your letter in a moment gets to the destination.