The liner "Boeing 737-800" for air passenger traffic over medium distances

"Boeing 737-800" has developed an American corporation Boeing Company, is the largest manufacturer of aircraft.

Liner is designed to replace the modification, "Boeing 737-400", it differs a modernized new wing, digital cockpit, engine and tail.Operation of the aircraft is carried out since 1998.The world's leading airlines choose a new modification because of its high reliability, low fuel consumption and overall efficiency of the operation.

aircraft is an advanced and the most popular modification of the liner "737" family of Next Generation.Single-aisle airliner allows transportation from 162 to 189 passengers.Development of a program to develop a new aircraft was launched since September 1994.The initial order was for 40 aircraft.In 1998, the first model was given the German airline Hapag Lloyd.

"Boeing 737-800", a photo salon which allows you to see the high quality interior and comfortable conditions for passengers, was developed to meet the requirements of modern world standards and allows airlines to make changes (if necessary) in the existing configuration.

Create interior of this modification was carried out with the use of the design decisions of the aircraft "Boeing 777".In particular, it uses an innovative lighting system, as well as design solutions to create the feeling of open space passengers.And the use of currently airliner "Boeing 737-800" Sky Interior Interior significantly improved level of service.If you trim the most modern anti-allergenic materials.The ratio of the number of passenger seats between classes generated from the proposed layout of the cabin.

The airliner used equipment, allowing airlines to quickly change the layout.In addition, the plane used removable partitions which significantly simplifies the required changes to the configuration number.In a short time, business-class layout, you can change the layout of economy class.

presented "Boeing 737-800" diagram shows the placement of the cabin of passenger seats by class of service and finding office space in the airliner.

crew cabin equipped with a large LCD display and an advanced on-board flight management system.Innovative equipment greatly increases the safety and efficiency of the crew.The "Boeing 737-800" with innovative technologies designed a new wing, providing a significant reduction in fuel consumption and allows to significantly increase the range.

wing with a perfect aerodynamic profile allows economical airliner cruising speed.Maximum speed of the "737-800" of M 0.82.With these parameters, the unit can reach a maximum altitude of up to 12,500 m. The comparable figure at the airliner "Airbus A320" is 11900 meters. At present, the model considered mass-produced.