"Boeing 737-400": interior scheme

In the world of jet passenger aircraft the most popular airliner for many years has been, and remains, "Boeing 737-400".The whole history of passenger aircraft does not know the other aircraft models in the number of cars produced.The family of "Boeing 737-400" already has three generations of aircraft.Proposals to charter carriers model was slightly modified.

"Boeing 737-400" is a type of medium-range passenger aircraft of the vessel, the developer and manufacturer which are the United States.The first flight of the machine of this type was held in 1988.The company "Boeing" continues to develop a new generation of aircraft.

"Boeing 737-400" since the issue is exploited for commercial purposes.Its length has been increased by three meters, in this regard, followed by reconstruction of the air conditioning system.Thus, "Boeing 737-400" acquired distinctive features: two missed window on each side, two additional emergency exit on each side of the wing.Features model and tail heel that can prevent the destruction of the rear fuselage when touching the runway."Boeing 737-400" - a version of the aircraft with a longer fuselage, larger capacity.When these changes have been a few shortened range.About this embodiment, "Boeing 737-400" mentioned in 1986.The increase in takeoff weight entailed the need to strengthen the external design of the console and the wing landing gear.

aircraft "Boeing 737-400" scheme salon which also has undergone changes, has 170 seats (in accordance with the wishes of charter airlines) against the base case on 146 places.Inside economy class seats are located in the following order: in a row on both sides of board seats 3-3.Best places Economy cabin in this arrangement are in the front row in the middle of the ship.Their difference lies in the footwell.Inside, only 6 of these sites.

as tips for tourists who buy tickets for "Boeing 737-400": the scheme of interior spaces has some inconvenience.In the toilet, it is located at the end, going to turn passengers."Boeing 737-400" has a maximum cruising speed of eight kilometers per hour, and a fixed length run up to six kilometers.The cockpit has two jobs.

Specifications airliner really impressive.Empty weight of the aircraft is equal to almost thirty-five tons, and fuel capacity - nearly twenty four tons.Permitted payload of the aircraft is approximately eighteen tons.

At the time the airliner "Boeing 737-400" has come to replace the earlier outdated relatives.He was equipped with a new avionics, cabin and improved engines.Currently, this type of aircraft is not made, mass production ended in 2000, but many airlines flying machines exploit the brand so far.The flight range of the aircraft with a maximum load of about five thousand kilometers.Total production 486 aircraft of the type "Boeing 737-400", which came to replace another model - 737-800.