Modern packaging for cakes - pros and cons

cake packaging heavily evolved in our country over the past two decades.Cardboard boxes, decorated with printed patterns, which are sometimes still used, being replaced by plastic containers and trays.There is nothing surprising in this, the transparency of the polymeric material allows a better view of pastries, because it can be done without removing the cover.Besides, cardboard packaging is not as diverse in size and shape, most of it was done by a round cake go oblong roll like "Fairy Tale".

Plastic containers are not particularly limited in its possible configurations and dimensions.They may be circular, oval, square, rectangular.In general, it is possible to reflect the personality of the proposed product or brand, creating a unique style of products.Of course, you have to pay for originality, but these costs are one-off, at the stage of manufacture of the mold.

Plastic Packaging for cakes is strong enough, weighs less than a carton, it has better impermeability and hygienic, it allows you

to store confection longer.The low weight facilitates the delivery of the package to the manufacturer.

films of polystyrene as focused as usual, from which compressed packaging for cakes, have a thickness of 400-700 microns.Thus the mechanical properties of the container are provided in the form having ribs which, in turn, makes for cake beautiful.

Food polystyrene (PS) is resistant to the acids contained in food products, it is chemically passive and do not emit pollutants into the environment, which guarantees its complete harmlessness.However, the quality is simultaneously a disadvantage.It does not decompose (and other disposable packaging used) and gradually clog the environment.A way out can only be well-organized system of recycling of polymers.

Another advantage, which has plastic packaging for cakes - low cost.The buyer pays the final product and the contents and packaging, so it is possible to please lower price.

Packaging for cakes is usually of two parts - the cover and the substrate.Sometimes they are made of plastic in different colors, or the lower part of making opaque.Close the finished product is very easy.

Today no surprise ice cream cake.This is a very tasty treat, but few people think that it requires a special container.The fact that not all the polymer maintains strong cooling without losing its properties and cartons soak them in contact with moisture.Plastic packaging for cakes can be frost-resistant, which makes it indispensable in a low-temperature conditions, created in the freezer.

Apparently, packaging for cakes made of transparent polystyrene has a great future, because today she is simply no alternative.