How to remove Lyashko - effective methods of struggle

Lyashko How to remove?The problem of large thighs bothers many women and girls.It does not always depend on the weight rather on the type of shape, as well as power.In addition, many people know that it is this area is the most problematic.How to remove Lyashko?It should be noted that it is a long and difficult process, but if you follow all the recommendations, it may turn out a stunning effect!

Mathematics in calories

those who are in school are not very fond of mental arithmetic, should still fall in love with such a subject like mathematics.Why is that?The thing that you need to count calories.First of all, it is necessary to reduce by several times the amount of fat and carbohydrates, because they like to "settle" on our problem areas.Remove thighs quickly possible only if a balanced diet and calories.It should not be up to fanaticism, because you can cause irreparable damage to your body.The normal dose of calories per day is about 1555-1865.We need to eat properly and should not be too restricted.Suffice it to eat small meals several times a day and do not have 3.5 hours to sleep.Snack on fruits (apricots, apples, pineapple, kiwi, etc.) and reduce the amount of chocolate, fatty foods, fast food and other things.

combine business with pleasure: the procedure.

How to remove Lyashko by procedures?The main rule - do not be lazy and do regularly.Do wraps, conduct effective massage problem areas.For example, in pharmacies there are many drugs for massage, which have a fat-burning effect.But experts (doctors and beauticians) recommend to prepare their own natural and more effective masks.For example, mix white and red clay with wheat germ oil (it is recommended for massage against cellulite and stretch marks).Apply a thick layer of the mixture on the problem areas thighs and legs tightly wrap film.After 3.5 hours, rinse under a strong jet shower alternating hot and cold water.The day certainly repeat.You can also make scrubs, action is directed against cellulite.To do this, you need blue clay and ground coffee.Mix these two ingredients, add the almond oil or wheat germ oil, essential oil of eucalyptus or pine needles, and a pinch of red pepper.All stir up the state of sour cream and apply on your feet.Roll up the film and remove the problem area two hours later.This tool will give a positive result.

Sports - our main weapon!

How to remove Lyashko through sport?Everyone knows that this tool is the best.Effective exercise for lyashek will not only help get rid of cellulite, but also to remove excess fat.

Exercise 1

Heat muscles.For this fit walking in place or jogging.Rotate the arms, legs, warm up your body and prepare it for physical activity.

Exercise 2

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly squat (imagine you have to sit on the sofa).Slowly lift.Make the squat 20 times in two or three sets.Over time, increase the number of sit-ups to one hundred.

Exercise 3

Lie on the floor on its side.Uprites hand for balance on the floor and make slow swings first one foot, then the other, then both, holding them together - ten times in three sets.These exercises will help you to quickly and effectively get rid of fat on the thighs and cellulite.