What is E-mail and where it is used?

all Internet users who visit social networks, subscribe to receive certain information, exchange messages, and so on, have a unique email address.To own a mailbox on the Internet, you need to register on the site that provides the opportunity.Once the procedure of filling certain forms passed, created a name for the email account and password, you become the owner of the email account, and you can get it in the correspondence on the Internet.

What is E-mail

In English E-mail - This e-mail in electronic form.Address this address - a unique name given to the box at the time of registration.It is written in a specific format: a unique name of the selected characters, followed by the @ sign, and then the name of the Web resource on which you registered your inbox.Many people ask what the E-mail, already owning the e-mail.As a rule, inexperienced internet users, who not so long ago mastered Internet technology.Name E-mail - This e-mail address on the Internet, which accounts for the necessary correspondence, and from which it is sent.To remember it, you often use e-mail.People whose work is connected with Internet technologies, as well as businesses, often have to use their network in a box, so they point to the address on your business cards and documents as the contact data.

Where to use E-mail and what it is

Those who have accounts in social networks, often have to write your E-mail, to enter.In order to participate in forums or comments to the posts on Internet sites, you must also write the address (name) of the network.It has your name and any site - a name that you see in the address bar when you open a Web resource, after https.E-mail, or rather his presence, allowing their owners to register on the forums and have accounts on social networks and different agents to subscribe to various newsletters, visit online stores.E-mail service, in contrast to the usual, instantly deliver your message to the recipient.Moreover, you can create a video message, send music and archive documents.The man who asked the question about what is the E-mail, and should know about some features of the data in this way.E-mail may be delayed because of a failure of the service, or lack of access to the Internet.The electronic box can come not only the letter, which you would expect, but also spam (sending advertising and viruses).There are also restrictions on the size and the volume of correspondence sent by the mailbox.All these issues need to be taken into account when registering for a particular resource when creating e-mail.Do not interfere, and learn the basics of working with sending letters to the Internet and explore its interface box.What is E-mail and where to use it, we understand.It now remains to create an account on the site, to become the owner of the box and get a unique address and set up mail for convenient operation.