Electrical phenomena in nature

time immemorial, mankind has tried to logically explain the various electrical phenomena, examples of which are seen in nature.Thus, in ancient times it was considered a sure sign of lightning the anger of the gods, medieval mariners blissful awe of the lights of St. Elmo, and our contemporaries are extremely afraid of meeting with fireballs.

All this - the electric phenomena.In nature, everything, even we, carries the electrical charge.If objects with large charges of different polarity come together, there is a physical interaction, which result becomes visible colored, usually yellow or purple color flow of cold plasma therebetween.Her during stops as soon as the charges are balanced in both bodies.

most common electrical phenomena in nature - lightning.Every second of the Earth's surface in a few hundred hits.Lightning target the usually free-standing tall objects, since, according to physical laws, to send a strong charge requires the shortest distance between thunderclouds and the ground.To protect the building from the ingress of lightning, their owners install lightning rods on the roof, which are metal structures with high ground that the lightning discharge allows to take all the soil.

St. Elmo's fire - another electrical phenomenon, the nature of which is very long remained unclear.We dealt with him mostly sailors.Lights manifests itself as follows: when a ship in a storm hit the top of its towers began to blaze bright flame.Explanation of the phenomenon was very simple - the fundamental role played by the high voltage electromagnetic field that every time there before the storm.But not only the sailors may have to deal with fires.Pilots of large aircraft also experienced this phenomenon when flying through clouds of ash thrown into the sky volcanic eruptions.Fires occur from friction particles of ash covering.

and lightning and St. Elmo's fire - it's electric phenomena, which have seen many, but with fireballs able to face is not for everyone.Their nature has not been studied until the end.Usually, witnesses describe as a bright fireball glowing formation of spherical shape, randomly moving in space.Three years ago, the theory was put forward, which has called into question the reality of their existence.Previously it was believed that a variety of ball lightning - is the electrical phenomena, the theory suggests that they are nothing more than a hallucination.

There is another phenomenon that has electromagnetic nature - the northern lights.It is due to the impact of the solar wind on the upper atmosphere.Northern lights like flashes of many different colors and is fixed, usually at relatively high latitudes.Of course, there are exceptions - when solar activity is high enough, the lights can be seen in the sky and the inhabitants of temperate latitudes.

Electrical phenomena are quite interesting object of research for physicists throughout the world, as most of them require detailed study and serious study.