What is the relationship of subordination with the phrase contiguity

The syntax of the Russian language there are different types of connections between words in phrases.

syntactic context - is a language tool that expresses syntactic relationships.That is, the ratio - is the content side, and communication - formal.

between the attitude and form of its expression is no strict compliance, that is the same type of relationship may correspond to several types of syntactic context, and their number may vary depending on the morphological characteristics of the language.For example, the syntactic relationship that can express the subordinate phrase with a link contiguity - adverbial, attributive, kompletivnye.

All variety of syntactic relations can be divided into writing and submission.Coordinative bond - a bond based on the equality of the components included in it, the relationship between single-function of their syntactic position units.This connection exists only in the proposal, that is, words related to it do not form phrases.

phrase with a link contiguity

refers to subordinative phrases, that is, those in which one component acts as the principal in relation to another.Submission, in turn, is divided on the coordination and management, and contiguity.The basis of allocation of these types of communications is a formal criterion, which is focused on the grammatical form of the main word and the dependent.Subordinating phrase with a link adjacency - a phrase in which the word refers to dependent immutable.

The syntax of this type of relationship as a dependent element come primarily adverbs, gerunds and infinitives: riding step, run fast, the desire to jump .

subordinate phrase with a link approval strong link between the different components that fit together in a kind, number and case, and in the case of components abutting relationship to each other is minimal.It does not affect the grammar and is expressed only on the lexical level.

Some linguists also distinguish nominal contiguity, that is dependent on the word in the phrase appears noun.If we understand governance as a relationship dictated by the main word, all prepositional-case forms that come into attributive or adverbial relations with the main word, are displayed outside of the equation, and qualify as contiguity: according to the Academic grammar living under a mountain or clearing in the woods - subordinate phrase with a link contiguity. In this case, these word forms is seen no substantive value, and adverbial.If management is widely understood, the question of nominal abutment disappears.

subordinate phrase with a link abutment characterized in that the dependence of the component adjacent to the main word is not expressed grammatically.It serves only lexical means.