Examples of business games.

Business game - it is an imitation of a real production (management or economic) situation.Creating a simplified model of the workflow allows each participant in real life, but under certain rules, to play a role, deciding to carry out actions.


business games Business games (CI) is an effective method of practical training and are used quite widely.They are used as a means of knowledge in management, economics, ecology, medicine and other fields.

actively used in the world for the study of management science CI began with the mid XX century.A significant contribution to the development of gaming technology introduced SPRubinstein, KDUshinsky, Freud and other scientists.

This method allows to simulate place (company) or to simulate the process (decision-making, cycle management).Production and economic situation related to the subordination of the parent, and organizational and management with the guidance department, group employee.

Before the players can put the different purposes for which they use the basic knowledge of sociology, economics, management practices.The results of the games will be linked to the degree of achievement of goals and quality management.

Classification gaming

CI can be classified in many ways.


kinds of games

reflection of reality

Real (practice)

theoretical (abstract)


Small(one problem, a small team of players)

High (large teams, a lot of practical problems, the game in several stages)

Evaluation of

rank jury expert



Hard with a clear course of action, time-bound

free (without strict regulation)

By purpose and objectives of the following types of DI:

1. Educational (lay knowledge,skills):

  • research (contribute new knowledge);
  • for action (form skills);
  • search (search of information or co-decision).

2. For professional orientation.

3. To evaluate and improve vocational training.

4. For the selection of experts for the vacant post.

CI can be classified according to the number of participants (team and personal) and interests of the parties:

  • affiliate game (development of team skills in common or opposing interests);
  • warring sides, the teams;
  • match individual participants, the evaluation results are not correlated;
  • CI unpredictable environment or participants who do not have goals.

Species gaming

form of business games


Examples gaming

Group discussion

Generates skills group.Players perform the same task, observing the rules of the debate.At the end of the replies dealt with and evaluated.

«Shipwreck," "Flight to the Moon", "Meeting", "Coordinating Council»


each individual to play the role, to simulate the situation.Roles are neutral, it does not cause emotions.

«Manager to work with clients", "trade union and employees ',' managers and subordinates»

parlor game

is carried out in an organized space or field, has strict rules.The results of the game, points are fixed.

«Field of Dreams," Chess, "Monopoly", "Custom Game»

Emotionally-activity game

is a form of training simulates the situation of human relations without any hard and fast rules.

«conflict» and other competitive imitation, partner, dependent relationships

Blitz game

game with the elements of the debate, brainstorming, role-play and analysis of situations.

«Battleship", "auction", "Crossword", "Who knows more", "Presentation»

Simulation Game

simulation practice.Participants, together or individually solve the problem.

«Business Ethics," "Gossip in the company", "How to keep the employee from dismissal?" "Blackmail»


Aims to generate new ideas in a precarious situation.

trainings of self-brainstorming


Collective create a picture of the future development of the situation.

«Creating a new product", "Entering new markets»

All of the above examples of technology and gaming are interrelated.It is recommended to use them in combination to effectively practice of participants and achieve the objectives.

How to organize the game?

Organization of business games carried out according to certain rules.

  1. gaming Topics are varied, but their conditions must be relevant and close to the life situations and problems.Players may not have the experience to fix it, but have basic knowledge, imagination and other abilities.
  2. total for the team final result, the achievement of goals, work out a solution.
  3. right decisions may be several.The ability to search for different ways to solve the problem must be put in the condition.
  4. members choose their roles and behaviors for a successful solution.An interesting and rather complicated task situational inspires creative solutions and application knowledge.

Stages of

  1. preparatory stage.Identification of the problem, the choice of themes and the definition of tasks.Selecting the type and form of the game, work on game strategy, preparation of materials.
  2. Putting participants in a game situation.Raising interest, goal setting, team building, mobilizing participants.
  3. group or individual work on the rules, or without them.
  4. findings and analysis of the results of their own and / or with the assistance of experts.

the business game can be attributed to a large number of stages.During the game the participants will identify the problem, to consider and analyze the situation, to develop proposals to address the issue.Shuts down the discussion of the game and wishes.

Business Game "Production meeting»

Actual problems in production management models play an active business management.An example includes a description of the scenario and the business game "Production meeting."Held at the end of the course "Management", where students already have an idea of ​​the principles of governance and the role of the production process.

Members game:

  • employees of the company (7 people).The meeting involved the director, deputy director for production, head of the technical department, the head of the assembly shop, head turning shop foreman, secretary;
  • expert group (10 people).

locomotive or a machine-building factory (organization of any type of medium or small number of employees).The owners of the company not so long ago was made a new director.He was introduced to the staff and managers of the plant.Director will hold the first operational meeting.

Game Plan "Production meeting»

Scenario simulation game


entry.The objectives and theme of the game.

Games situation

familiar with the situation at the company.

plan preparation for the meeting

  • Rraspredelenie roles (7 employees and 10 experts)
  • leading organizes informing players of the game with the characteristics of employees at the meeting.
  • director at the time of removal to another room "on the production of" necessity.
  • continue leading the participants bring to the information on the behavior of employees at the meeting (the characteristics).Those present at the meeting reacted to the new authorities with skepticism and distrust.


Performance Director, reaction and questions from superiors.

Discussion and brainstorming questions.

What will be the behavior of the Director at the meeting?

What he can say or do to establish business contacts with the staff?

What management decisions it may take when summing up the first operational meeting?


findings from the experts, from the participants in the game.Self-esteem.Decided whether tasks, whether the objectives achieved?


Entering the production situation in a particular role - is an interesting game business.Examples for students can be very diverse.One need only connect the imagination.

  1. Roleplay "interview."Head of the department conducts the interview in the form of an interview with the applicant.Vacant post - sales manager.Before the game, participants read a biography and a description of his hero.After examining the documents (10 minutes), the head starts to interview.When summarizing assessed as Chief, interviewed and interviews, analyzed the information in the documents, a decision was made.The applicant assesses the work of the head.
  2. Roleplay "conflict clients."The game is played in pairs.Head of the department responds to a call of an angry customer on the phone.The client expresses a complaint about the quality of goods.It evaluated whether the manager to cope with conflict situations and build the conversation properly.
  3. Roleplay "Evaluation of professionalism of the staff."The player with the position of head of the activities of the estimates using information about the performance of the team.Based on the data it fills attestation form and preparing for an interview with a worker.Ponders how to build a conversation, what questions to ask.In the role of an employee may be a young professional woman with two children, good employee and others.As a result, it is estimated, as a player formulate questions, identify the main.

strategic business game.Examples for students

strategy game "Knitting Factory" Style "."Manual knitting factory plans to expand its markets.This requires to produce higher quality and popular products.In addition, we plan to launch several new production lines.

has long planned to replace the equipment in several shops.The problem was the lack of financial resources associated with large accounts receivable.Which strategy is appropriate in this situation?What can the management of the plant?Prediction based on the table data.Several indicators of financial and economic activity are encouraged to submit in three years.

Sample theme game management


Examples gaming

Group discussion

«management decisions.Selection of candidates for the post of Director »

« Organizational culture of college students »

« cycle management school »


« Personnel Certification »

« How to ask for a raise? »

«The talks by phone»

«The contract»

Emotionally-activity game

«Ethics of business communication.Office Romance »

« The conflict between the heads of departments »

« Business Communication.Dismissal of an employee »

« Coping with stress »

Simulation Game

« Effective control »

« Business plan »

« Business Letter »

« Preparation of the annual report »

Method games and method of cases

When planning a business game is recommended to combine its various forms.The game may contain cases (situations).Case method differs from the method of gaming, as it is focused on finding and problem solving.Examples of gaming associated with the development of abilities, skills formation.

Thus, the case - is a model of a particular situation, and the game business - model of practice.

method allows simulation game available to present the principles of management and decision-making processes.The main advantage of the games becomes active group participation, team players.