How to choose multivarku

Today on the shelves you can find a variety of techniques for kitchen assistants.The most popular are considered Multivarki.Multivarka - a modern comfortable helper in the kitchen for each family.Multivarka appeared relatively recently and has already won the hearts of many women.After all, it can be cooked many different, delicious and healthy dishes, and most importantly save time.

If you have already decided to eat healthy foods, then multivarka for you.Now we should define the model and make the right choice.On what is necessary to emphasize when buying Multivarki?

  1. Firstly, the most important thing to pay attention to power.The more powerful will be your multivarka, the faster it will be to prepare the food.But that does not mean you have to choose the most powerful model, but only need to choose the "golden mean."
  2. Secondly, you need to pay attention to safety.The cord should be well secured to multivarka and must be soft steam exhaust system in order to avoid burns.
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to the volume of the cup.It should be selected on the basis of the number of people in the family.On average, the volume of the cup Multivarki should be 4-5 liters.This will be enough for the average family.On 5 liters you can prepare a nice dinner or bake a delicious cake average.
  4. Fourth, pay attention to the inner coating bowl Multivarki.This will determine the lifetime of the device.There are three types of coatings:
  • Teflon or non-stick - around this coating is still debate on account of its safety and effect on the human body.But if you choose a high-quality Teflon coating, then no harm will be.Teflon dangerous when heated to a high temperature above 220 degrees.But in any multivarka have limitations.It is necessary to remember that the appearance of any cracks, scratches on the surface of the bowl Multivarki its use is prohibited.Therefore, you need to take care of the non-stick coating very carefully.
  • ceramic coating is the most fragile and wear out quickly, so take care of such a coating must be carefully and cautiously.Pottery is very sensitive to the abrupt change of temperature on the surface can stay stains from a variety of colors.But it is not the poor quality of coverage, and just such a feature.
  • most durable cup is considered a bowl with marble floors.Care for a cup minimum.
  1. Fifth, we must pay attention to the material from which made the cup Multivarki.This can be - aluminum or stainless steel.Bowl of stainless steel will be heated for a long time and also will not heat evenly.Stainless steel is afraid of acid and therefore it can be oxidized.And in some individuals may be allergic to nickel, contained therein.A bowl of aluminum or its alloys is far preferable and stronger.
  2. Sixth, you need to select the appropriate mode for you.But do not choose multivarku with lots of obscure functions for you.Because of this, and may be higher price.The fryer must be multivarka, yogurt, as well as:
  • timer delay start - this is a very convenient feature that allows guests to prepare meals without human intervention.You only have to put all the ingredients and put the right time for you.
  • heating or heating - with the help of this function to reheat any dish to the desired temperature.
  • soaking function is useful to those housewives who like bean dish.

And what concerns the color, size and shape - it's just on your preference.Most importantly, multivarka will save you from the hassle and not added many new ones.