How to draw land on the background of the sky?

Unfortunately, only astronauts destined to "live" through the window to watch a fascinating picture in which among the dark starry infinity of space flaunts our blue earth.But ordinary people are familiar with the image of the planet only on pictures.Therefore, many are wondering, "How to draw the ground such that it was most likely similar to the present?" This can be done only by copying photographs.Consider a phased reconstruction of the image of the native instructions of the blue planet.

Features of the picture without any additional devices

Perhaps we all know that these artists, as opposed to technical expertise for the production of drawings, do not use anything but pencils and brushes.All the sketches made by them by hand.This applies also to the image of any of the circles.Therefore, perform the following instructions on how to draw the earth pencil compasses or other devices (in the form of lines, curved patterns, etc.) are needed.Try using your eye estimation more accurately draw the rounded contours of the future picture.If you follow all the steps of the proposed regulations make it quite simple.


consider how to draw a pencil the ground step by step.It is not so important to observe the exact orientation and the availability of good eye.Suffice it scrupulously and diligently carry out all stages of the work.

  1. On a sheet of light lines mark the contours of the future restricting the globe in the form of a square.
  2. Schedule its mid-point.
  3. Divide the resulting figure into four equal parts with two perpendicular lines passing through the center of the image.
  4. «Cut" square corners, cutting lines drawn at an angle of 45 ° to the sides of the figure in about the middle of them.
  5. Schedule arc, slightly on the diagonal slices.
  6. Arrange a circle of sharp lines, trying to recreate the real image.

Draw outlines of continents

So, the layout is created, and you can proceed to the "revival" of the figure.From space our planet looks blue and white color scheme.In fact, the upper layer of the atmosphere consisting of clouds, can distort the outlines of the continents.And not always coincide with the globusnym pattern.But how to draw a more realistic ground?For still image was believable, you can use it to copy maps hemispheres.Wherein white contours slide down several continents to the equator line has an arc slightly curved as a "boat" in the same direction.This nuance you can recreate volume and convexity of the globe.The outlines of the continents do slightly blurred, turning into a blue-blue color of the ocean.

We make background

get an image of the world in all its glory, go to the final stage.After the proposed instructions on how to draw the ground, be sure to pay special attention to the design of the background picture.Taking the palette of black, you can freshen up a little drawing of a small whitish "haze" surrounding the planet.Above star inclusions slightly blend bright patina.And the land surrounding the glowing yellow lights make different sizes and shapes.Some of them will appear in the form of tiny dots, and others - angular, radial shapes.Surely, all the above recommendations, how to draw the earth, will create a pattern quickly and easily.And how will it realistic, will depend on the patient at toning and color scheme as the world and the surrounding background.