How to draw a bus: a description of a simple way to picture

Enthusiasm for technology manifests itself in younger kids from an early age.And as soon as your youngster learn to hold a pencil, immediately from his pen will start to appear all sorts of cars, airplanes and tanchiki.That's how the male nature.Fascination with this subject young artist starting with about preschool age, are interested in more complex models of transport.Therefore, the following detailed instructions on how to paint the bus stages, it will be very interesting and useful.In addition, the job description is accompanied by step-sketches, which clearly could see the whole procedure.


consider how to draw a double-decker bus in the form of modern Express:

1. On a sheet of paper using a pencil, draw a shape that looks like a rectangular bar.In this position the more obliquely, visually receding slightly tapered back.The proportions of the front (smaller) faces approximately equal to 2: 1.

2. Map out the entire length of the broad side of a number of parallel lines.Form of them a kind of two large oblong windows (1 and 2 storeys).

3. The same cells are arranged on the front side facing forward.The bottom cell is thus slightly wider than in relation to the side, as this area - the windshield window of the driver.

4. In two places the bottom line body picture the two wheels in the form of simple circles.

How to draw a more realistic bus?

update items following the instructions on how to paint the bus, and the accompanying sketches, put all the finishing touches:

- divide the length of the transverse lines of windows, and then each of them by double-Drawoutline;

- the driver's windshield garnish "wipers";

- complete your wheel a little "dive" inside their body;

- take the bus "live" by drawing on available places advertising signs and emblems.

Simplifying image?Draw a regular bus

Children are impulsive and unpredictable by nature.What if the baby pleases easier said modern technology, when he starts to draw?How to help him accurately transform overexpression?To draw a pencil in the form of bus transport conventional (ie without the second floor), you can choose one of the options work:

1. In the first stage make some adjustments to the original layout.To do this, simply do not need to represent an additional floor.As a result, at the upper limit below the lower line of the body is the upper windows.To roughly imagine how it will look simple drawing, attach photos to the length of the paper, they closed the upper part of the bus.

2. In the event that pencil drawing is almost ready, the operating principle is the same.Just erase eraser extra line to the desired location (area of ​​the upper windows and the body) and touch up work.

Relive drawing colored shades

Even with all the finishing details of the image is a bit boring, is not it?Of course, black and white layout does not go to any comparison with a bright photo.Try to revive him, for example, decorate pencils or paints.Do you want to be surprised?Assign the job to the kid, and the likelihood of conversion will appear in the sketch is quite fantastic Express from another planet.Prompt him how to paint the bus as it happens in reality - one for color, having a moderate amount of advertising signs and symmetrically arranged finishing details (flashing lights, markings).