How to draw Jack EPL from the series "My Little Pony"

EPL Jack - one of the main characters of the series ponyashah, love and children and adults.Based on the series have been many computer games.Attract heroes and kospleistov.What can we say about the artists!They feed EPL Jack, as her girlfriend, appeared before the audience in the form of anime girl, and in the form of an ordinary girl, and even images of other animals.We will try to paint a portrait of AJ in the form which is loved by millions of viewers of the series from the first series - a golden horse with big eyes and a mischievous bang-mane.To learn how to draw EPL Jack, will be discussed.And to get the most painted ponies like a cartoon character, a closer look at its history, character and exterior features.

Legend character

AJ belongs to a race of Earth ponies.She has a pet - a dog Winona.More than anything, she hates to be late, to sum friends and lazy.Her name literally translates somehow, like "apple brandy", but fans of the series see him more content and call it simply - "Apple".As is clear from the rather eloquent name to apples EPL Jack indifferent.She loves to rip ripe apples in the garden and, of course, feast on them.


Those who decided to learn how to draw EPL Jack, is to look closely at her appearance.In light yellow pony's mane, the tip of which is intercepted by the orange rubber band.Her tail is a pale yellow.She often wears a cowboy hat.In EPL Jack dark green, very large eyes and a snub nose.


In EPL Jack flexible and strong character.She's a good friend and faithful assistant.She is no stranger to the spirit of competition.Those who want to learn how to draw a pony EPL Jack, it can be useful when drawing her eyes.They may be naive to-open or vice versa - serious.But whatever the mood of the character, its "face" is always read honesty and complete lack of hypocrisy and affectation.

How to draw Jack EPL gradually

1. Draw two ovals.The head of EPL have nearly circular, but slightly flattened.Draws and lush fringe ear.

2. Draw a hat with a forked peak.One eye EPL will be opened, and the second - blinked.On her cheek - three moles, we have paid attention to it even before the draw EPL Jack.The nose upturned.

3. Getting to the legs.The front leg is bent at the knee.This gives the position a certain dynamism.Adding the spread to the shoulder mane of tightness at the end rezinochkoy.

3. Draw the remaining foot.Please note - we do not have clearly defined ponyashey hooves.Their legs just thickened ends.On the surface they appear to be soft.The tail of EPL Jack surround and lush, at its tip also rezinochka.

4. cereals pony draw three bullseye.This is her main distinguishing mark.The same sign is at all family members EPL.It is noteworthy that he appeared under rather unusual circumstances.In his youth, EPL decided to go with a native farm and settle in the city.But it turned out that the urban bustle - not for her.Too rustic character Jack from the EPL - simple, open and honest.And no matter how interesting was in the city, she realized that nothing could be better than their homeland.EPL Jack returned home.And that's when she got a mark with apples.
remove all auxiliary lines eraser.A basic direct the pochetche.


To make a color image, you can use a wide variety of materials.Very impressive it will look if paint it with colored gel pen.S fine job task crayons, markers, crayons.But you can do the ordinary colored pencils or gouache.