Electronic services: "Learn your TIN"

Nowadays know your VAT number does not make any difficulties.All very simple.Therefore, initially we will explain what a taxpayer identification number, why you need it and where you can ask him.And only at the very end of the series will tell you where and how to find out your VAT number.

Do not have no illusions, and consider myself a man of peace.We're not that other, as accountable to the taxpayer.It sounds very harsh, but ... Nothing can be done.Everyone who is born, gets its own number.Initially, it's just a number of the birth certificate, in which you consistently fail to obtain a certificate of registration with the tax authorities of the place of residence.By the way, almost all religious denominations evince their displeasure about assigning numbers to believers.But there is little choice, as they have to live in a society where the account is the norm.

In principle, you can live all your life and you will never be required to provide TIN.But if he suddenly and unexpectedly need, then it is worth considering that for a whole week out.It is better if you have it in advance.Check your VAT number and then get it on paper is easy, all you need to do is collect a small packet of photocopies of a standard set of documents proving your identity and submit it to the tax office at the place of residence.You can do this, and using the electronic system of public services.After a few days you will get a piece of the stamp certificate with your ID number.Keep it requires as carefully as a passport.Although the passport you have to change several times throughout their lives, certificate with INN - no.In case of loss you will naturally be able to resume, but this procedure is troublesome.By the way, at your request and the corresponding statement in your passport can make a mark.At the eighteenth page affix seal number TIN.

required to provide a certificate from the place you can study, work or take out a loan at the bank.It is, of course, you'll need if you start a business.Besides the fact that VAT is assigned to you personally, so still and your business it is mandatory assigned.

Learn the names of your TIN easiest on the site of the Federal Tax Service.In the column "e-services" you must select the subdivision "Check Inn".Further, the following recommendations, you will need to enter the data of your passport and a set of numbers (spam protection).By the way, on this site you can find out your debts on VAT.A very popular service.All in the same box, select the sub-unit "know their debt."After you give your consent to the processing of data, will introduce the name, number and TIN figures spam protection, you get a result for all tax services where you once stood on the account.

Check your INN can be a conventional manner and, turning to the inspector in the tax office.Time it takes a lot more, but maybe for some it does not really matter.