How to draw Captain America?

you want to go as a cartoonist and comic book writer-stylist?Then provided advice on how to draw Captain America, will be useful as well as possible.Try to plunge into the world of adventure and become briefly a mischievous boy, an enthusiastic entertaining stories about the miracle man.

What are the main features of an image?

pondering how to draw Captain America, do not forget that before you - moving hero with a strong and brave character.He is not afraid of difficulties and different tests.Therefore superhero ready to go ahead, ignoring all obstacles.Overall the image is supposed to be that way externally and fully comply with this idea.In many ways, it copies the courage and passion of any other superheroes such as Batman or Spider-Man.Yet the main feature is a part of his Captain America costume.In creating this figure does not mention the colors.But if you're interested in how to draw Captain America the most believable, you need to know about all the features.The layout pattern and color copies symbolism of the flag State.It is this character called this loud name - Captain America.So, we proceed to a multi-stage operation, adhering to the proposed sketches.

first stage of how to draw Captain America: create contoured outline

Begin by creating a preliminary layout of the trunk.For this pre-apply a few main lines:

  1. did about the contours of the body.Mark the shoulder and hip area in the form of transverse lines, which connect to each other and then the dorsal line.
  2. one foot (or as required) will be thrown back.Therefore, its outlines are minimal and significantly reduced relative to the other limb.
  3. hand almost symmetrical lines except that one of them is slightly pulled forward to maintain the shield.
  4. said protective object (oval shape its somewhat flattened) in the picture is one of overlapping hands.
  5. Draw a head in the form of an oval, placing it on top of the shoulder and a bit like tilting forward.

second phase of how to draw Captain America: add detail

Now you need to start "to revive the" image, bringing a sketch distinctive and characteristic details:

  1. Following the main contour lines, create a rough outline of the body, departing from "frame "for some distance.
  2. emerges muscular body and a free suit.
  3. Apply finishing details as contour folds in the muscles (shoulders, arms, thighs).
  4. Arrange the front part, skillfully depicting undershirt mask.Decorate her on the forehead characteristic letter "A".
  5. several other emblem put on the Superman suit in the chest - a big star.
  6. Note the clear outline of a severe knuckle projecting the figure a little forward.
  7. Decorate the plate as big a star as a hero chest.
  8. complete the image and decorate accordingly and background surrounding the hero.Just a few strokes, the same as the general image - drawing and ready.

complete the look

acquainted with the instruction on how to draw Captain America step by step, and you can try another job to create superheroes.After all, the general outlines of the brave rescuers and the good lords are almost identical.The main thing - to properly arrange the color scheme.This superhero costume is in the range of the American flag.The same combination is present on the board.So, the hero of the comic is ready for action!Next, meet the dangers and the fresh wind of change!