Certified copies of documents: the order of procedure and its meaning

Very often it happens that a person can not independently visit an institution where the person is required to provide a certain package of papers.To overcome this limitation, there are certified copies of documents.

Conducting this process allows you to send paper mail.Since the signature and seal of the notary put a copy of the document claim that duplicate content is fully consistent with the original.

Immediately it should be noted that only an employee may hold the office of a notary certified copies of documents.That is, any other signature, stamp and so on does not certify the content.Even if we consider the situation when the copies of the documents from the company, none of the die set in the accounts or the secretariat, did not confirm the authenticity of the written in duplicate.

certified copies of documents may be required in many situations, particularly those that include clarification disputes, in particular financial distance.In such cases, the paper will serve as a guarantee that the applicant has reported accurate information, and this acts as a guarantor of the notary who has put his stamp and signature.

But very often it is necessary not only to authenticate documents.For example, notarization signature - a process whose result is confirmation that a specific signature to a certain paper has put the right person, who came to the office of the notary.

It should be noted that if the certification of documents allows you to confirm the contents of it, they said, there is the opposite.For each paper, which was approved by the authenticity of the signature, a special explanatory note is attached.It contains a reference to the fact that the notary confirms that the signature has been put in front of him and belongs to the person whose passport information contained in a note.But it is given the same specification that the content has not been tested for compliance with reality.

also a notarization passport.This procedure is well known to many students who submitted documents to several universities.In this case, applicants had to certify the right package of securities, including passport.

Compared to other notary services, this process is very simple and fast.This is due to the fact that copies of the lists all the data required for certification.Therefore, the notary office worker can only put a stamp and his signature.

demanded certified copies of documents may be virtually any citizen.Very often it is necessary to confirm the signature.This is due to the fact that many offices operate at a distance, and therefore have to apply through the mail.To avoid fraud, organizations require the obligatory presence of a notary accompanying the paper, which is an official document confirming that the request makes it said in a letter to the citizen, and not someone else.