Moscow, "Gardener" (market): customer reviews

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In Moscow, a huge number of shopping centers and markets that offer a wide range of fancy goods, food, shoes and clothing.Popular "Gardener" (market).Customer reviews show that there is almost all you can buy at wholesale prices.And if we bargain, nice to be able to save.


Shopping Complex "Gardener" pleases Muscovites and visitors for over a decade.This is one of the largest Russian centers of wholesale and retail trade.Here buy goods for resale or personal use.The total area of ​​the market is more than 60 hectares.On the market are very different groups of goods.Everyone can stock up on quality food, to buy everything for fishing and hunting.The good news for its abundance of clothing for the whole family.In addition, you can buy a pet at affordable price.

market "Gardener" (Moscow), attracts visitors not only a huge variety of goods.People come here because they can be sure of the quality of our products.Virtually all products listed are available directly from the manufacturer.Mediators also always have the necessary certificates confirming the quality.For many types of products warranty.

Every day more than 10,000 people visit the "Gardener" (market).It is not only Muscovites, but also visitors to the city from other cities and countries.Many people in Ukraine and Belarus specially come to Moscow to skimp on wholesale prices in one of the largest shopping centers.

Shopping Center "Salute»

This is a small three-storey building in the market "Gardener".Center was opened relatively recently - only in 2011.In just a few years it was discovered more than 400 outlets of private entrepreneurs.Enormous popularity of the shop "1000 small things", which is located on the first floor of the building.Everyone can buy crockery, cutlery, cleaning supplies at the lowest prices.Continuing rallies and discount prices.

girls who are planning a wedding, you should definitely visit a beauty evening fashion, located on the third floor of the center.Here is a huge range of elegant wedding, evening and cocktail dresses.There are a variety of sizes.Feel like a princess can be even the girl with magnificent forms.Here there are beautiful dresses for children.Parents will be able to easily pick up the original dress to the prom.

Mall "Gardener»

far from the shopping center "Salyut" is the shopping center "Gardener", which also offers an extensive range of products in different categories.Here you can buy quality clothes and footwear for the entire family at affordable prices.Also operates retail outlets that specialize in knitwear and household goods.You can buy high-quality linens or order it by tailoring its standards.

Only from October 2012 began operating shopping center "Gardener" (Moscow).Just a few years its popularity grew very.It began to come not only people to buy goods of their own consumption, but also private entrepreneurs from other cities.At wholesale prices, you can purchase a quality product, which in the future can make good money.

Pavilion «Garden Center»

Each summer visitor knows that the beauty of a garden depends on properly selected seeds, as well as quality care.The same principle concerns crop.A great range of special offers of goods "Gardener" (market).Reviews show that you can buy everything for the care of a private cottage at the lowest prices.This excellent seeds, seedlings, and durable garden tools.It is possible to purchase seedlings with well developed root system.Even a novice in the garden can really understand the nuances.

shops that operate in the "garden center", offering both known and original plant.Here you can purchase seedlings of strawberries large size, which can grow throughout the summer.These berries can not only enjoy the original taste for a long time, but also to earn good money.When buying plants on the market, you can sell their fruits in the same area.

Ware ranks

Originally on the market offer only clothes."Gardener" during its existence, has established itself as the leading wholesale and retail center for the sale of articles of clothing for the whole family.Here you can buy high quality products from manufacturers at the most pleasant prices.It ranks duffel people visit first.Most buyers here can be seen on the eve of the summer season.Men and women tend to update your wardrobe before holiday.People making a purchase for the first time, returning to the market again.After all, a quality product can be purchased for little money.

«Gardener" clothing takes quite a large area.For buyers do not get lost in the ranks, the leadership of the market divided into zones.For example, to get the robe, will have to visit "Coat circle."But on the "negligence row" you can buy clothes for home and rest.The range is updated each season.Buyers can purchase daily fashion trends for themselves or for sale.

Mall "Bird Market»

This place is an all-Russian leader in the sale of animals and products to them.You can not compare with the usual pet shop poultry market "Gardener".Customer reviews show that animals are offered perfectly healthy, fulfilled all the necessary vaccinations.A considerable share of the market occupied by the series entitled "Underwater World."Here you can buy high-quality aquarium equipment, and exotic marine life.Sellers will not only help to pick up pets, but also tell us how to properly care for them.

hunting and fishing fans can also visit the "Gardener" (market).Reviews show that it is close to the animals, you can buy high-quality fishing rods and tackle.There is the possibility of bad bargain.And for those who are going to skimp on a grand scale, it will be able to save fine.Sellers are always happy to make concessions.

not only for shopping visited clothing market "Gardener".Reviews show that many people come here to look at exotic animals.Bird market can completely replace the zoo.The only difference is that to pay for the entry is not necessary.Particularly attracted the attention of the birds in the "pigeon row."Here you can find birds of various colors.

Leather and fur

Those who want to buy quality leather or fur, worth a visit Pavilion №5 market "Gardener".Here is a huge range of quality products for every taste.You can purchase a variety of coats on the market "Gardener".Reviews show that fur is really high quality and are worn for a long time.On the product warranty.And if for any reason the customer is not a fur coat came, he has the right to return it within 14 days.

Many buyers pre-planned campaign against the "Gardener" (market, Moscow).Reviews fur and leather products have only positive.This product can be purchased at an affordable price.In addition, many vendors offer to buy expensive things in installments.And in the summer, when the fur is not very popular, you can buy a quality coat with a huge discount.In addition, the pavilion №5 held periodically exciting promotions and sweepstakes.For those who want quality and affordable clothing, "Gardener" fit perfectly.

Carpet trading number

Flooring can significantly affect the appearance of the interior.It understands the direction of the market "Gardener".It is no coincidence was a pavilion that was dedicated carpets and other floor coverings.Carpet series offers a wide range of carpets and walkways.You can purchase an inexpensive model of machine knitting or exclusive handmade products.The most popular are models made of wool.These carpets are long and well-insulated room.The second place was occupied by silk products.They are graceful and soft, do not cause allergies.These carpets are often bought for children's rooms.

Buyers can choose flooring for any taste.These are products with a long and short-haired variety of colors.It is possible to order the production of carpet on his own sketch.This option will cost quite expensive.

Shopping Arcade "Textiles»

where vendors offer their goods fabrics and sewing accessories manufacturers from around the world.It is possible to buy the material in rolls or in the footage.For women who love to sew, shopping arcade "Textiles" will seem a paradise.There is an opportunity to buy quality fabrics to suit every taste and color.It pleases a huge range of denim material with different patterns.In addition, you can buy natural cotton, wool, silk, linen at affordable prices.Because these fabrics can be produced best quality clothes.

also offer a great range of accessories for garments, "Gardener" (market).Reviews show that you can buy a variety of buttons, zippers, rivets and buttons.Pleased with its abundance thread.In addition, you can buy high-quality yarn for knitting.Sellers offer their services for the production of items of clothing by hand.The market "Gardener" is certainly worth a visit for those who want to always look original.

Where is the market and how it works?

far enough from the center of the capital is "Gardener" (market, Moscow).Customer reviews show that it is necessary to allocate a whole day to go shopping.The market operates on the 14th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road on the inside.Wholesale customers can come here since 5 am.Worked as a salesman for wholesalers officially until 17:00.But after 16:00 has many shops are closed.

Retail customers should come to the market "Gardener" no earlier than 9am.Only from 10:00 am here unfolding active trade.Closed ranks already at 18:00.But a market with absolutely no output.

How to get there?

There are several ways to travel on the "Gardener" (market).Clothes and shoes can be bought, to get to the mall with your own car only from the Moscow Ring Road (on the inside).The weekend can be difficult to park your car near the market.Therefore, many prefer to get here by public transport.This free shuttle buses from the metro station "Vykhino", "Lublin", as well as the shopping center "Moscow".From the subway station "Kuzminki" runs a paid bus №655.

to get to market as quickly as possible, it is better to plan a trip in the early morning.From 10:00 typically there is a maximum number of visitors who begin to diverge only at 15:00.In the evening, go to the market is also not necessary.Some pavilions are closed early.


Guests should visit the capital of the clothing market "Gardener".Reviews show that you can buy really high quality products at attractive prices.And for those who decided to do their own business, shopping mall will be a real partner.High-quality products can be purchased directly from suppliers at wholesale prices.Almost all products are warranted.Those who once visited the market "Gardener", will want to come back again.