How to map a network drive in Windows

work with computers connected to the LAN or WAN, and it does not know how to map a network drive - so greatly limit the usability of network resources.Although this possibility and is not mandatory, it greatly simplifies the interaction with the system.For example, few people take the opportunity to work with a graphic operating system with just one keyboard, mouse resorting to easy, although it is quite possible (even developers provides cursor control direction keys).Exactly the same situation with network resources: Of course, you can not explore the question of how to map a network drive, but it is not the best solution.

To understand the advantages of using a network drive, use a simple example of life, which, perhaps, faced by many computer owners.Now nobody will be surprised situation where everyone in the family of your own computer.It's convenient: you can safely "sit" in social networks, play games, learn new fashion and so forth. Most PCs are connected to a local network that provides the ability to share files, send documents to the printer.What does a user who wants to overwrite the file on the next computer system?

shortcut Opens "My Computer", clicks the link "My Network Places" and ... waiting to be completed scanning all available IP-addresses.And it takes tens of seconds - a luxury!

figure out how to map a network drive, it is possible to abolish the necessity of waiting.In addition, sometimes the local network is created between the high-rise building tenants (eg through Wi-Fi).In this case, just need to know how to map a network drive.

important rule: the computer resources which need to be represented as a network drive, should be "share the" access to a desired folder / drive.After scanning the environment (discussed above) and display the list of the desired computer, you must click on the desired folder, right mouse button (RMB) and select Map Network Drive.Next, you need to specify the letter.It may be any, besides those already employed in the system.Rationally use the last letters of the alphabet - then it is easy to remember that, for example, «Z» - this is a network share.

After that, the list of drives will be displayed one - connected.He can work in almost the same way as with "real" partition the hard drive.

only feature - copying speed / recording will be limited to the network interface.Sometimes you need to disconnect the network drive.

For example, access to resources has been closed or changed the name of the remote system.The procedure is the same: click on the connected PTP resource and choose the appropriate command.

Ubuntu to connect to a network drive, you must use special commands mount (sudo mount) with attributes -t cifs / specify the IP-address / papka_resurs / media.You should also specify the encoding, the user name and password.The syntax can be easily found on the support forums lovers of Linux.