Staff AUP: decoding, composition and tasks

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In any enterprise staff can be divided into workers, engineers, technicians and management personnel.With working staff, everything is clear: he is treated fitters, welders and other workaholic, such as repairers.By engineering staff are employees who have a higher education.For example, the master service, engineers, technicians, metrologists and so.. In this article it will be discussed about experts link AUP.Explanation of abbreviations is administrative and managerial staff.

APM performs management tasks in the company

now exists to manage the administrative staff, which oversees implementation of the functions assigned to other employees, and regulates their activities.We will understand the peculiarities of the concept of APM.Explanation has been given several cuts above.Again: it is on the administration and managers.

But the question about the necessity of such personnel in the company.It is clear that the company can not work, having in stock only the working staff.For example, the problem is not the mechanic to run the business, and in the performance of their duties, which are set out in the working instructions.To this end, enterprises and there is administrative and managerial staff - to properly organize production and manage trusted his own enterprise resources to improve the economic and financial indicators.

structure of administrative staff

Division AUP, deciphering which means that we are talking about management personnel, has a fairly simple structure.Such personnel are often composed of the following positions:

1. Chairman of the Board and his deputies with the other assistants.

2. Departments of finance-related companies - financial, accounting, planning and economics.

3. The chiefs of other departments.

4. Management staff may also include other positions - it is at the discretion of the business owner.

Managers must manage

What should deal with a structural unit of APM?Explanation speaks for itself: to administer and manage.In other words, the personnel must supervise all the works taking place in the enterprise.Such employees are required to organize all the vital processes to ensure uninterrupted production or operation of the business.

This AUP is nothing, in fact, does not produce, that is not to create any product does not provide paid services.Thus, every worker who, for example, makes any product must "feed" AUP.Deciphering the source cover the costs of such personnel is to add value to the services or products of overhead costs, which account for a labor costs of administrative personnel.

What should be the number of management personnel in the enterprise?

as the optimal number of managerial staff in the structure of the average enterprise is accepted figure of around 10-15% of the total staff.But this is not an axiom, because there are some specific features of certain economic activities, where the number of APM can both exceed this norm, and be less.

As it turned out, deciphering the concept of "a structural unit AUP" is simple, and the name itself speaks about the functions to be performed by such personnel.

Such workers are valued highly enough and have a decent wage.Administrative staff - only part of the personnel of the enterprise, while it is designed to create the best working conditions, together with the union to establish manufacturing processes.In addition, help to increase revenue while reducing costs.