The nuances of the alignment of "Pyramid Lovers"

people far from divination, naively believe that the more cards from the deck gets a fortune-teller, the more information they will receive.This is not so.Extra characters may even confuse the situation, making it difficult to understand the meaning of this situation.Therefore, one of the most popular layouts for the analysis of personal relationships is a pyramid lovers.4 Tarot cards provide full information on the current situation and a very important piece of advice.We can say, sum up!

Perform alignment of "Pyramid Lovers"

Alignment was put into use Jane Lyle.Its simplicity and depth of the alignment immediately made very popular.It is believed that most information can be obtained using only the Major Arcana cards.But there are experts who have the full deck.Basically, it depends on the degree of preparedness and awareness guess his ability to grasp the meaning of the prediction.So, just pulled out four Tarot cards.Pyramid Lovers consists of the following items:

  • 1 - the questioner himself, his thoughts and feelings, his position in the relationship;
  • 2 - partner, his attitude and motivation;
  • 3 - relationship at the moment;
  • 4 - Board the opportunity to continue the relationship and so on.

Interpretation alignment of "Pyramid Lovers"

not to say that one of the four cards of the alignment is more important than all the others.They are equal in importance.The most important in this combination is the interaction maps.The best is the alignment where the cards are in harmony, not discord cause sensations.For example, if in the position of "1" - lovers, and "4" - Death, it speaks about the development of events, even gives some optimism.But at the same moderation in position "2" indicates that the partner is not ready to change the relationship, which wants to guess.That is, to achieve a higher degree of closeness questioner will need to spend a lot of energy.Is he ready for this?Does this help him?

In some cases, perform alignment "Pyramid Lovers"

Alignment for a person to be able to understand the essence of the relationship.Most people love suffer unreasonable fear, jealousy, suspicion.Alignment will help solve such problems.That is clearly map will show whether he has grounds for negative thoughts or it is only a figment of the imagination.In more serious situations where there is reason to suspect a partner of insincerity, commercialism or omens, the balance of "Pyramid lovers" will also help to understand.Response cards are usually quite clear and unambiguous.In the sense that they will give a forecast of possible relationships, and even as a bonus - advice on how to act in a given situation.

Are there any limitations in performing the alignment

Knowledgeable people recommend to perform the alignment only on days when the divination in principle allowed.Before we turn to the maps, it is better to check with the lunar calendar.If the day for divination fails, it makes sense to wait.Tarot predictions apart and have a magical effect, which is not customary to mention at the general public.You can simply "jinx" the result, starting to divination in the wrong day.No other restrictions.If the soul is suffering and suffering, there is no other way to calm, all have tried, to the Tarot cards even advised to contact.The result can be very interesting, even surprising.The main thing - you will have direction on how to build his life without the negative in a happier way!